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Hi Natasha,
Our cats are restricted to one part of our house. They never go outdoors, but since moving to New Orleans, they have picked up fleas. Apparently they can get through the tiny cracks in our hardwood floors! All three of our guys are scratching and licking constantly. Our cat sitter recommended diatemeous earth. I’m a little worried about trying it because I adore my cats and I would be devastated if something should happen to them! Could you please go over the instructions for using it again? I just need to be reassured that it will not do any harm to either us or our furry guys! Thank you so much for your help!!!
Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet & Bedding Spray for Cats
Diatomaceous earth with or without pyrethryn has been used and is relatively non toxic. However, other stabilizer are added to the mix and these are often quite dangerous to cats. Only use formulations for cats from reliable companies. Pyrethrins degrade in sunlight and has a relatively short life, but is fairly safe for cats. Flea will fall off a cat quite quickly but sometimes recover. The cats bedding should be vacuumed soon after the cat has been treated. Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet & Bedding Spray for CatsI’ve also heard that Joy is also a mild detergent that you can use to bathe cats for fleas.My comment is the same as Sara’s, I have cats and was wondering if you have a flea spray formula?
Because of the ability of the flea to slow down its development in poor conditions, a flea infestation can persist for several months even when no animal is present. A cat flea can dine on cats but also on many other animals including dogs and raccoons. Although they will bite humans they cannot lay eggs easily after a human meal.These pills are not insecticides and do not kill fleas. Instead they disrupt the flea life cycle. Insect growth regulators prevents the flea from properly completing its lifecycle and causes the flea to eventually die. They are flavoured and some cats will take them with no argument at all. Others need the usual subterfuge to administer the medicine.Spot on Flea treatments is an effective way of controlling fleas on cats. A drop of insecticide is placed between the cat's shoulderblades. Gradually the flea treatment migrates over most of the cat's body because of oils on the skin of the cat and the active grooming a cat does.Some cats respond badly to flea collars. In the same way as spot treatment, cats can be very sensitive to the insecticide and suffer convulsions, drooling and erratic behaviour. The collar can also cause irritation, allergic reactions and hair loss where it touches the cat.Some insect growth regulators have been developed which are sprayed in areas where the cats spend time. This does not kill fleas on contact but rather prevent the flea from completing its life cycle. A healthy energetic cat grooming properly can get rid of 50% of its fleas. Not bad. Older and younger cats are not so successful. It is possible that they don't have the skills, or the energy to be as successful.