10 Unique Cat Beds – Very Cute!

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We all know that . They also have a way of taking over your favorite chair, your place on the sofa, or even your bed. Then you feel guilty about moving them, since they’re so cute and so deeply asleep. But don’t worry, we have a solution – the very best cat beds available.
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Of course you’ll need a bigger cat bed so there’s space to get comfortable. comes in lots of different sizes and colors and features a bolster style “pillow” border for both kitties to rest their heads. Another popular option for two cats is cat bunk beds. I haven’t tried them myself but looks cute as heck. Awwwh, that fae. SO cute! We have lost count of how many cat beds we have bought over the past 10 years and our cats ignore them all 🙁We've found 10 of the cutest cat beds on the internetCute Cat Beds. 67 likes · 417 talking about this. Your one stop shop for cute cat beds!
Cat beds have become a lucrative field for designers as cat owners can’t stand before the cute little beds for their favorite pets. Stylish designer cat beds are a great alternative to those ugly carpet trees that can ruin any interior. There are so many stylish options out there right now it’s actually hard not to find something that will work with your decor. is not just a cheeky name. This design firm specializes on cardboard products just for cats. Their latest endeavor is a collection of cardboard architectural landmarks that make cute cat beds and houses.Then you have the novelty cat beds, which would make a great funny gift for the cat-owner in your life. is particularly cute for the cat who likes to live dangerously.You may have heard of a popular doll bed produced by IKEA . It’s called the Duktig and only runs about $20. However, some crafty Japanese cat owners have decided to re-purpose this popular doll bed into the cutest cat beds you’ve ever seen.Does your cat need a cozy bed? The Cat Canoe is an adorable alternative to round or covered beds that acts as a cocoon for your kitty. Also, how cute is this cat?I just recently taught myself how to sew and I am loving it. As you can see, my cat beds aren't purrfect, but they are cute. I made this 28" to accomodate two bengal cats that a lady I know has. They love it. I decided to make it so you can flip it to either side.This cat bed is a cute decoration for your interior and comfortable bed for your beloved cat or small puppy. This bed is made from natural not dyed light grey color Tirolean sheep wool with lilac Merino wool on inside. It is also available in other natural, not dyed colors: beige, brown, light or dark grey. Also please contact me if you would like different inner color. Custom color combination is available for these beds. In wet felting process were used only hot water and soap. Bed is…Make your own cat home! These great DIY cat beds, trees and homes look good in your home! From super simple (how cute is that t-shirt pop up tent!) to more difficult. Full instructions for all! This almost makes me miss having cats! Check out all the tutorials!