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ThisCrazy Little Kitty Wormer Does not work, don't waste your money. Made my Cat sick. Very Sick.
I was really frustrated that every video showed a docile cat! Mine wriggles, snaps his jaws and flicks his tongue like crazy so the videos were useless. Now I have been doing this for a few days I am much more confident. Before, I was shaking so hard I kept dropping the tablet. I am pretty sure I was the worst person ever at giving one.
Crazy Little Kitty Liquid Wormer is mild & effective at removing roundworms from cats & kittens. Can be given to kittens 6-8 weeks of age.
Discuss Crazy Cat Wormer on the - 'Cat Product Reviews' forum of I-Love-Cats. We are the place for all talk about 'Crazy Cat Wormer'. A mild and effective way to remove roundworms from cats and kitten. This simple syrup can be dropped in their mouth or mixed in with food. 4 oz. More... ... I-Love-Cats is the place to discuss Crazy Cat WormerCrazy Cat Crazy Little Kitty Wormer on ShopSavvyCRAZYCAT Little Kitty Wormer 4oz
Not pleasant, but worms happen. For those yucky times, Crazy Little Kitty Wormer for cats is specially formulated with a mild Piperazine Citrate Syrup to effectively remove round worms. Size: 4 ounceFollowing the steps provided by the sellers My feline friends were successfully dewormed in the first dose. I proceeded with the follow up dosages and the remained clean. I think two crazy cat ladies aren’t so crazy after all.This is the best news, so I saved it for last. Cat parents who choose over chemical wormers, rarely have to deal with these nasty parasites at all! We first dealt with tapeworms in 4 of our cats about 10 years ago. We were introduced to a natural treatment, added it to their food, and they were gone from their bodies within 3-4 days. Since it was natural, we decided to add it to their food once a month – and 10 years later – cross my heart and hope to die – we’ve NEVER dealt with them again. Because of our experience, this product was one of the first we had to offer when we started our venture as the Two Crazy Cat Ladies. Now we get to watch other loving cat parents experience the same peace of mind that we’ve had all these years!It really did work! I used a different more homeopathic medicine and it didn’t work so I was a little hesitant about another all natural product even though I try to use all natural products with my cat. But gave her the proper doesage and her worms were gone within days!! And now she’s back to her crazy rambunctious self. Super happy!!I was so scared when I found worms in my kittens stool, as I have never had a cat that had this problem. I’m in a super small town that doesn’t have very many places to shop. I started looking online and was skeptical of getting a dewormer with chemicals because of all the side effects. I purchased this product and my gandalf the grey (my handsome grey kitty) has been so happy and healthy since day one of using this product. I’m so glad i found this product. Thank you crazy cat ladiesFor everything except tapeworms, I use Crazy Cat, Crazy Little Kitty Wormer. it's in an applicator bottle that lets me squeeze out the liquid in a measured dose. It's 1 tsp/5 lbs of cat and you give it once, then again in 10 days. It's in a 4 oz. white bottle with a colorful label in pink, blue and purple.