1978 Kal Kan CRAVE Cat Food Box on Flickriver"

1/1 friskies dry cat food
1/12 ct can friskies cat food
1 /1 waggin' train chicken jerky dog treats
2/1 purina one beyond dog or cat food
1/10 whiskas wet cat food
1.50/1 whiskas variety wet cat food
.50/2 crave cat treats
1.50/1 pedigree dentastix
bigi milo's kitchen dog treats
1/5 meow mix wet cat food
I have five of these booklets...
Double sided design --- same on both. Shows kitty lovin his Crave cat food!
A 1982 TV commercial for Kal Kan Crave cat food from when the brand went national at the time after being a regional test market brand starting in 1978. From nutritious wet and dry food to treats, ABOUND has the all-natural nutrition your cat’s been stalking. All with a taste they’ll crave!CRAVE CAT FOOD-BAGA 1986 15 second TV commercial for Crave cat food when it added Seafood and Poultry flavors along with the original flavor.
The popularity of cats as pets surpassed that of dogs in the 1980s. Since British Whiskas outsold its competitors three to one, parent company Mars saw an opportunity in the U.S. cat food market for Kal Kan. (Though Kal Kan controlled a leading share of the American cat food market, the company had long been associated with dog food by the general public.) In 1988, Mars renamed Kal Kan brand cat food as Whiskas, and the company's Crave brand became Whiskas Dry. Mars used the same recipe for U.S. and British versions of Whiskas; however, each used local ingredients. Kal Kan's cat food received new packaging--a label with a cat mask logo--and a new slogan: "The cat food your cat prefers is now called Whiskas." Changing the names of Kal Kan's cat food brands gave parent company Mars international efficiency in marketing cat food. As one competitor told Fortune magazine, "One thing Mars does better than any public company is understand the true importance of the international markets." Horror trashmeister scored with , about people who make out of people. But how to up the ante in ? Try aliens who crave cat food made out of people.Does anyone remember the commercial for Crave Cat food that ran from the early to mid-80's? The theme song went, "Your kitty cat craves crave," and it had a cartoon cat eating Crave cat food..if anyone else remembers this one, please let me know. Dog and cat foods may seem pretty similar on the surface, but there are some important differences. are obligate carnivores, meaning they need to eat meat as their main food source, whereas dogs are omnivores and need a diet with more fiber than a strictly carnivorous diet can provide. Still, there is meat in dog food, too, so why do dogs crave their feline friends’ food so fiercely?
For the study, felines went through a series of cognitive tests. Fifty different cats were used as subjects, some of which were pets, others from shelters. All of the kitties were deprived of food, toys and human contact for a few hours. After this separation, the cats were presented with human attention, food, scents and toys to see what they missed most. Almost all of the cats craved human attention, with half of the felines opting for chin scratches over any of the other stimuli, food included. Only 37% of the cats chose food first.Your cats will come running at meal time when you feed them Paws & Claws brand wet cat food, available only at Tractor Supply Co. Feeding your cat wet food is more affordable with this value-priced cat food brand, including chicken, salmon, mixed grill, and Supreme Supper flavors your cats crave.