Cranberry Extract for Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs and Cats

Actipet, Urinary Tract Formula With Cranberry Extract, For Dogs & Cats, 67.5 g, Powder.
Cranberry extract/pills/etc. are not good for cats, it messes up their ability to absorb nutrients. Cats aren't designed to process that like humans can. With a diabetic cat this can push them over into a full blown hypo attack.
Crananidin: Cranberry Extract for Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs and Cats
Can I give my cat Cranberry Pills?
Cranberry pills can be given to cats, although it should ideally be discussed with a veterinarian beforehand. The advantage of the pills is that do not contain as much sugar as the readily available commercial cranberry juices and they definitely contain cranberries. Pills can be crushed and fed with their meals. They work best as preventative measure for cats that have frequent urinary tract infections. Cranberry extract is also available in a powder form that is easy to mix into cat food. Both the pills and the powder extract are available in most drugstores and pharmacies. Potassium Citrate/Cranberry Extract Oral Oil Suspension may be prescribed for CatsActipet, Urinary Tract Formula With Cranberry Extract, For Dogs & Cats, 67.5 g, Powder (ACP-18670)Tract Formula With Cranberry Extract, For Dogs & Cats, 67.5 g, Powder
Antibiotics will clear up your cat's bacterial troubles, but you can contribute to the health of her urinary tract with some home remedies. Washing your cat in a rinse of lemon, green tea, apple cider vinegar and water will keep her backside clean and minimize the introduction of new bacteria to her urinary tract. Grapefruit seed extract, which acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent, can be mixed into her food. Unsweetened cranberry juice is an acidifier, making the urinary tract system an unwelcoming environment for bacteria. Your cat likely won't care for cranberry juice, so consider cranberry extract, as recommended by Dr. Shawn Messonnier in the "Natural Health Bible for Dogs and Cats."Cranberry extract is beneficial for many animals, especially dogs, who tend to have actual infections of the bladder. Cranberry is thought to prevent the attachment of the E. coli bacteria to the bladder wall. Because bacteria are not present in most cases of LUTS, it may be less beneficial for cats. However, cats being cats, cranberry may still be helpful, even without any evidence of bacteria. Cranberry capsules are available at the health food store (typically in 250 mg strength which is a good once-a-day dose for cats), and are very safe to give long-term.For cats who are prone to frequent urinary infections, feeding a canned food is helpful because the increased moisture content dilutes the urine and encourages the cats to urinate more frequently. Cranberry supplements (such as Uromaxx® and Crananidin®) can also be useful, because the cranberry extract prevents bacteria from attaching to the lining of the bladder. (There is a small amount of sugar in cranberries, so only use the supplements if instructed by your veterinarian; the insulin dose may need a slight adjustment.)A: No, it is purely a supplement containing cranberry extract to support urinary tract health for dogs and cats. It should not be used as a replacement for appropriate antibiotic treatment when an active UTI is present.CranMate® Nutritional Supplement is formulated specifically to support a healthy urinary tract in dogs and cats. Made with American cranberry extract and rich in Type-A proanthocyanidins (PACs) and antioxidants. The patented extraction process eliminates unwanted sugars and oxalic acid, retaining the desirable cranberry components.Cranberry extract is an antioxidant that helps to cure cystitis. It’sacidic in nature and prevents bacteria from surviving in the bladder wall. Some cats like the taste of cranberry juice and willingly drink it. For those that don’t like the taste, cranberry juice or cranberry capsules can be added to canned food. Besides cranberry juice, couchgrass helps lessen the pain experienced during urination, in cats with cystitis. Couchgrass is an herb that has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties and induces urination in cats. This is helpful because the higher the frequency of urination, the earlier is the condition resolved.