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10 Cats In Shark Costumes...need to do this with Blackie and Lilly next halloween..@Alexa Oswald
Dressing up as a leopard is a breeze if you have eyeliner and are a fan of the print. Wear any leopard-print clothing you already own and draw on your spots with eyeliner. Finish with a cat eye and you've got a costume!
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Instead of making your cat wear a costume, why not dress yourself up as a cat instead? You’ve got lots of options to choose from, starting with the baggy tiger suit for little kids, running through the Hello Kitty look or your favorite cartoon cat, all the way up to sultry cat costumes complete with tail and fabulous makeup! Or dress yourself up as a witch and your kid (or your niece or nephew, or your neighbor’s kid) as a cat so he or she can be your little "familiar." Here are the steps to take to make an absolutely purr-fect cat costume:do it yourself divas: DIY: Black Cat Costumediy toddler cat costume - Google Search
Kittens need to dress up on Halloween too! We’ve scoured the web and found 30 of the very best cat costumes to help you dress up your feline this fall. Get some inspiration from fellow cat lovers with these creative and silly costumes they’ve made for their four-legged friends.Well, this Toddler Black Cat Costume will just enhance her cute-ness quotient. And you will be keeping with the classic Halloween costumes, at least until she can decide what she wants to be. No one will be able to resist her in this soft black and orange costume. She will be so plush she might just fall asleep as you show her off your friends and family. And as a bonus, the costume comes with a cat face hood so you don’t have to try to draw little whiskers on her face. Heck, she might even get to try some of the candy this year…just a few pieces mind you. The rest will be yours.Wait! There totally is a way to do that; with our exclusive Black Cat Costume. We do have to warn you, though, that when your little one is wearing it, they may start to exhibit some classic cat-like behavior. Aside from possibly being afraid of cucumbers, like the felines in that video we mentioned, don't be surprised if your little one also starts mewing at strange times of the night. Also, be ready for them to seem like they want you to open a door, like they want to go in the other room, only to change their mind after you open it!While we've got a kitschy cat theme going on, let's just talk about how spot-on this Nyan cat costume is. So simple, but so good. Made with nothing more than cardboard, paper, and a rainbow flag, this outfit is the perfect last minute look. Besides, who doesn't want to walk around with a rainbow trailing behind them?Â
It may be autumn, but that doesn't mean a girl can't show her never-ending love for flowers. To add a little something extra to your cat costume, sport a pair of floral cat ears. Make your own by hot gluing mini faux flowers to a cat ear headband. It goes without saying that our childhood friend, the Cat in the Hat, is quite the major upgrade from a basic cat costume. This one is super easy, too! You'll need a red and white striped top hat with a red bow-tie.