Find high-quality cat scratching posts made from carpet and sisal

Wall Corner Cat Scratching Post 18 inches tall, Ebony Stained Pine, Sisal Rope
I rescued a stray cat and did not want her to scratch my furniture. I saw her scratching tree trunks outside and this item is almost the same size. It is wide and sturdy. It fits to the corner of the wall (or furniture) and secures there. It stands tall. My cat can stretch her body fully extended. The only thing I would like to change is the material covered on the post. It is not a sissle, it is a rough cloth. Her nails seem to get caught, not able to fully scratch- I thought. But she uses everyday. The pomp pomp toy attached at the top makes some noise and moves unexpectedly because the string stretches, so my cat seems to like that as well. Overall, we are very happy with this item. Most importantly, she has not scratch anything inside my house.
Cats can not resist rubbing on corners of walls or furniture as is so why not add a scratch post? Such a logical cat loving item. Had to give this as a gift to a fellow cat owner and lover. My cat refuses to use a scratching post, instead preferring to shred the walls, corners, and door faces to piecesCat Wall Corner Scratching Board. $39.90. Beige Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratch Post. $89.90 $160.00. Weatherproof Cat Outdoor Shelter House.Scratching Post Idea - Recycled TreeLimb Cat Scratching Post No. 13 by… Wall scratch post Put something like this on the ends and corners of furniture! @.
In my haste to provide something other than the sofa as a scratching post, I put it in place around a corner and walked away. My large cat with claws was immediately attached, started to scratch and pulled it over on top of her. After it was secured to the wall, she was afraid to use it again. I smeared cat nip all over the post and Bella immediately "embraced" it with all fours. Even Livy who is declawed likes to run her paws over it. It's tall enough for both cats to stretch out to their full length and fun to watch them both. I especially like that the post fits around a corner and is out of the way.