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This is by far the most simple corner litter box discussed, and because of this is it is also the most affordable. It comes with extra high sides which can help reduce litter tracking. However, it is on the small side and the entry way is a bit high which might be a turn-off for some cats. But if you are willing to overlook these issues it comes in at a great price.
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I have a 22lb cat so I needed a big enough litter box to accomodate her...and I wanted it to fit into a corner so it didn't take up too much space since it is kept on the landing at the top of the stairs to the basement. The Nature's Miracle box works perfectly and tucks into the corner nicely. The opening is quite large and Zoe has no trouble going in and out and can easily turn around inside. I have not had any trouble with litter getting kicked out because the bottom is high enough. I would suggest a "track mat" outside the opening to prevent litter tracking on little feet! thats a corner cat litter box as the bottomOdor Corner Cat Litter Box Cabi Crazy Lady SuppliesBig Deal On Kitangle Modern Cat Litter Box Corner Kitty Grey
Nature's Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box. Like the height of this hood. Wish it was totally transparent hood too:( #cats #LitterBox #CatLitterBox Need a great way to hide the litter box & keep kids or pets out? This corner cat litter box is ideal for one or two cats and for you to keep their box out of sight!

Elegant solution to hiding the litter box!

Handcrafted by the Amish, this wood cabinet comes in either oak or maple wood with 1 large convenient front door. This beautiful cabinet corner litter box enclosure has a spacing saving design that measures 31"W x 23"L x 22"H. Easily pull out the litter box and accessories, making it easy to clean out. Includes free 22" x 16" litter pan.

Keep your dogs and kids out of the litter!

Discreetly hide litter mess and add to your homes decor with several stains to choose from. Each litter box is custom made, please allow up to 14 business days for delivery. Made in the USA.

You will be selecting the type of wood stain. You will need to provide this information to us during checkout in our comments box. If you fail to inform us, we will contact you with the PDF so that you can make your custom selections.Corner cat boxes are made for houses with less space, these sandboxes utilise corners more effectively, typically the same as high sided pet boxes which also come with one point of entry and combats litter kicking cats.
There are some hooded and closed litter boxes that feature doors and ramps for easier access.A corner litter box is pretty straightforward: it is a litter box designed to be put in a corner! More specifically, it comes in a shape that typically only has 3 corners instead of 4, with the back angle being a 90-degree angle. This allows you to push the litter box up against a corner vs having to rest it against a flat wall. The cat litter door will be on the largest face, typically pointing directly out from the corner, which maximizes the access to your cats. Beyond that, it behaves like a typical litter box.Cat litter boxes are essential for every cat owner but can easily take up a lot of space. That is where corner litter boxes come into play. They can allow for a proper litter box but present it in a way that is much easier to find a spot for in your house or apartment, while still being large and roomy enough for your cat to do its business. Corner litter boxes have actually increased in popularity recently, with many cat owners opting for the space-saving design over a traditional square shaped example. So what is the best corner litter box? We go over a few features to look for and also list our top choices for a corner litter box. However, before we do that we have listed our favorite choices in the table below.In going with a corner litter box, you might be giving up some valuable volume in the space-saving design. Because of this, it is important that you make sure that it is still large enough for your cat to comfortably fit in. This is even more necessary if you have a larger cat or if you have multiple cats that might try to access the cat litter box at the same time. If the enclosure isn’t large enough it might cause your cat to look for other places to do its business, which is never a good thing!