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Proper identification protects your cat. Get pet tags, name tags and cat id for your cat's collar.
NOTE: I stronly recommend using a Split Rings for attaching tags to cat collars. When using the ring, put the tag on the ring, and then thread the collar THROUGH the ring. This method alleviates some of the "hangy" look and also causes the tag to face out (not sideways). The "cool" way to attach tags to the collars of cats and tiny dogs.
Browse a wide variety of collar tags for dogs and cats at LuckyPet! These durable and quiet collar tags for pets fit along the curve of your pet's neck.
Because cats do climb trees and scale fences, they are at some risk for getting their collars caught, but many collars designed for cats have the situation covered. That’s because they’re made to give way under pressure when caught, either by being made of stretchy material (like ) or having a breakaway clasp (like ). Because hanging-down tags are more likely to be caught, you could also check into a slide-on collar tag, such as those from . Jan 24, 2017 - No Noise Collar Tags - Custom Engraved Slide-On Pet ID Tags - Perfect for Dogs or Cats - Durable andCat Collars: Cat Harnesses & ID Tags | PetSmartGoTags | Personalized Dog Collars, Cat Collars & Pet ID Tags
You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that with a collar dog tag, your dog too is relieved to finally be free of the constant jangling noise that had been such an inescapable nuisance. And cats, who are naturally stealthy creatures, can take pride once again in their silent stalking powers.Like hanging tags, collar ID tags may be made of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, or other metal alloys. They can be flat, or slightly curved, or moldable to conform to the curve of the collar. The identification information is normally engraved onto the tag, and is sometimes filled with lacquer for improved readability.If your lost cat is wearing a collar and tags, it’s an easy way to let people know she has a home. Unfortunately, cats are more likely to be killed in the pounds than dogs because cats are less likely to be wearing identification. The owners are also less likely to look for the cats right away, since it may take the owner a few days to realize the indoor/outdoor cat is missing.For their health and safety and your peace of mind, all pet cats should be kept indoors. But accidents can happen. A door or window inadvertently left open can tempt your feline friend to slip outside. That's why all cats should wear collars and tags.Dog Tags are essential, as most city councils require dogs and cats to wear collars with identity tags. Our range of dog tags is available to fit any type of dog, from big to small, classy to brutish. We also have designer pet id tags for a more personal symbol of your dog’s personality.These stunning tags are set with genuine, sparkling Swarovski crystals in a range of colours and designs, and are a must for trendy dogs and cats!This is especially important for kitties that are indoor/outdoor or spend all of their time outside. If there is ever any question about the identity of the cat is, or if a cat is lost, wearing a collar with an ID tag will put all doubts to rest. An ID tag, with the human's correct contact info engraved, will quickly establish that a "found" cat really does belong to someone. Even cats that have been micro-chipped need a place to display the tag that comes with the chip so that, hopefully, someone will use that universal reader that is lying around most veterinary clinics, humane societies, and animal shelters. (As a side note: some states require outdoor cats to wear rabies tags.)