Feb 8, 2017 - Sometimes your cat needs help taking care of her fur

Pet Groomers: What are the best clippers for cats with fine, thick, very long fur?
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Mar 21, 2016 - What's more, these clippers are so quiet that you can trim your dog or cat's fur without it even flinching—perfect for sensitive animals
The grooming kit contains 13 pieces. All components are contained in a hard storage case with convenient handles. The Deluxe Pet-pro groomer kit includes four clipper guide combs in increments up to .5 inch. A protective blade guard is included for added safety. The Pet-pro clipper blades are carbon steel for durability and longevity. Other grooming accessories are included as well, such as a pair of scissors, styling comb, and hand mirror. The Pet-pro kit additionally provides a cleaning brush and blade oil for proper maintenance of the clipper and blades. For consumers who may be less familiar with cat grooming, an instructional DVD is also included. The Deluxe Series Pet-pro is ideal for trimming and touch-ups for cats with fine to medium-length fur.
Scissors and Fur Clippers 46304: Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Set For Dogs And Cats And Durable Stainless ..Wahl makes some of the best cat clippers on the marketBest Trimmer for Persian Cat Hair - Cats - LoveToKnow
In addition, Maine Coon cats are notorious for getting the occasional "dingleberries," "dags," or just plain "doo-doo" stuck to their trouser-like rear end fur. Yuck! These safe clippers make quick work of removing that mess, giving them a spot on this page of Maine Coon cat grooming tools.Cats with long fur may also grow long tufts of fur between the pads on the bottom of their paws. , for example, are prone to developing these long tufts. These tufts can get tangled, caught onto things, or can even make using the litter box uncomfortable for them. If the tufts get too long, you can trim them with clippers. Be careful to make sure you don’t accidentally cut your cat’s feet and trim only to the level of the pads.Long-haired cats are especially prone to matted fur. If your cat’s fur gets matted, you might need to clip away the mats. Do so gently, being careful not to pull too hard on the fur. Remember to use special cat clippers that you buy from your local pet store. Don’t ever use scissors, since your cat may react unexpectedly and possibly cut herself! If you want, you can use a comb to try to brush out the mat very gently first. If the mats are really bad, you may need to take your cat to a vet for professional grooming.This clipper features two different speeds, allowing groomers to get more power as needed. It has a motor that provides 3000 strokes on low speed and over 4000 strokes per minute on high, meaning it can handle even the thickest dog fur. It’s also marketed for use on cats, horses, and other animals.Many cats, especially those with long hair, are prone to hair matting. For large matted areas, or mats that are close to the skin, an electric clipper is the best tool to use to remedy the matting issue. Removing mats from your cat's fur is essential to maintaining your cat's skin health and overall appearance. Make sure to handle the process with care, and do not attempt to brush or pick at large mats, as this can hurt your pet.Try a seam ripper, or pulling apart with your fingers, or a dematting comb (for cats). It can be a painstaking process, but it sounds like you have the patience, and she has at least 5 minutes at a time's worth. If you have, or know anyone who has electric clippers such as barbers shave heads with or groomers use, those are safe and while the cat will have shaved spots, she will be much more comfortable and the fur will grow back.