See a video of a cat using Clevercat litter box.

Clever cat litter box cover/ furniture. DIY project using STUVA kid's furniture from IKEA.

Another newer option in the self-cleaning litter box category is the Litter Robot Bubble Unit. It comes in a couple colors, but the black version reminds us a bit of the “Death Star” from Star Wars, which we think is kind of funny. At any rate, no matter what color you choose, the Litter Robot works the same way – it senses when your cat has left the litter box, and then the top part (the “bubble”) begins to turn slowly, depositing the collected waste into the bottom part of the unit through a door that opens as the unit is turning. This quick removal of waste plus the Little Robot’s carbon filter help keep litter box odors at bay.
Cat Silhouette Cutout Allows Access to Litter Box in Cupboards. Very cute and clever.
Disposable cat boxes are basically a throw-away litter pan alternative, they are generally made out of hardened cardboard and some come with pallets pre-packed and others you have to provide your own litter.
These types of litter receptacles generally last for about a week or two depending on ow many cats and how regularly your cats are using the cat box. One of the best covered litter boxes – Clevercat Litter Box with top entry designThere’s nothing clever about it. No cat should have to dumpster dive to use the box.This cat bed/ cat tower is so dang clever! Cut holes in upscale storage boxes.
The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning litter box is unique in that it is designed to make cleaning the litter quick and easy. Â The box measures in at 19.5″ x 22″ x 20″ – large enough to accommodate most cats. Â Although not truly self cleaning like some other motorized options on the market, the design of this covered litter box does make cleaning the litter box easier.I thought for sure this would end my days of cleaning cat urine up from my cat who stands straight up while doing his business. Â Measuring in at 20″ x 15″ x 15″ this is one of the smaller covered litter boxes on the market. Â Maybe too small.Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox - The award-winning clevercat top entry litter box nearly eliminates tracking, prevents over-the-edge spills and reduces odor. Excellent for cats that love to dig and kick litter. Clevercat is dog-proof from most dogs.As the name suggest, this is a clever cat waste pan that comes with a texture lid fitted into the entry system to ensure that the cat’s paws are clean before it touches the floor. The overall design also ensures that the cats will not play with the waste, and prevents its leakage. Also, thanks to its enclosed design, dogs in search of food and treats will not be able to access the inside of the box. This manual Clever Cat item is best for cat owners with:If you are looking for a quick-acting cat waste box, then the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning box should be on top of the list. In one minute, the clean-up process can be completed where the waste is directed into the attached pullout tray. Although technically this is is not an automatic box, this is still considered a beneficial addition to the household if one requires a self-cleaning box. This self-cleaning box is the best choice for:This manual litter box comes with a disposable tray lined with blue crystals to limit the odors that may be produced by the waste.
The design of this product is similar to the where a durable rake pushes the cat’s waste into a waiting compartment. The only difference this time is that the rake should be manually operated to ensure a complete clean-up process. These trays are disposable which can be replaced after 20-30 days. Each unit will also include a disposable tray that’s lined up with blue crystals for odor management.