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The luxury edition of a cat-hair-cleaner, this Hoover is on sale at Amazon for just over $130.

Although it is called a lint brush, it is very effective for cat hair. It is pretty similar to the brush above, but the bristles are skinnier and there are more of them. This makes it better for certain surfaces, and also more able to remove finer particles and thinner hair. If you know your cat has extremely fine hair, then this is probably the best tool for you. This one is a bit smaller than the brush above, so you would probably prefer it for areas that are smaller. As far as using it goes, the method is the same, and so are the benefits. It is also made from rubber, so you get the same static charge, and ability to lift and remove pet hair. Due to the sizer and shape, this one is a bit easier to use on clothing or the upholstery in your car. Just brush across the surface using short strokes. The hair will begin to pile and move along with the tool. It won’t float up into the air thanks to the static charge, and you will be able to get the surface very clean and fur-free. As with the brush, you are more collecting the hair than removing it, so you will need to sweep the pile into a dust pan or trash can in order to finish the job. It will only take seconds between grabbing this tool, and having a clean spot to sit.
The fact that this tool cleans AND controls loose cat hair and shedding makes it an absolute must-have for any cat owner out there!
It was very helpful to me to see that others struggle with trying to keep a clean house but not lose your marbles once you find a cat hair tumbleweed after just cleaning. Thank you for sharing. The granddaddy of best vacuum cleaners for cat hair is the highly rated Electrolux UltraFlex Canister.Guaranteed to never lose suction, this vacuum cleaner uses AirSpeed technology for removing cat hairs from carpets and fabrics.Cleaning Tips: Removing Cat Hair from the Air - Naturally Savvy
Our cats get hairballs, they throw up and this time they did it on the bed. We washed the sheets and mattress cover but it went through to our pillow top we bought from Wal-mart to go over our sleep number bed. The cover says spot clean only. Can anyone recommend a cleaner to use? Thanks for your help. Loveangel

Sherri from Saraland, ALNo one wants to sit on furniture covered with cat hair. The first step in decreasing the amount left is to discourage your pet from getting on the furniture. If you have a kitten or cat that is new to your household, this is a good time to set these rules. Give your pets comfortable beds or pet furniture and a specific place to lie. If your pet has already adopted a couch or chair as his favorite spot, try treating it with a fabric protector. This often helps make it easier to vacuum hair from the surface and keep it from working its way into the fabric. Vacuuming upholstered furniture is the gold standard for most hair removal. Use special brush attachments for wood furniture. A magnetized dust wand helps pick up and hold hair. Running an air filter also helps remove pet hair and other contaminates. If all else fails, try using slipcovers or other decorative fabric to protect your furniture. The advantage here is that the covers can be removed and washed on a regular basis to keep them clean. Do not wash these items with your regular wash – your clothes will pick up the pet hair. Dry with two dryer sheets to help move the hair to the lint trap.If cleaning up pet hair is part of your everyday life, there are some strategies that can help you reduce the amount of hair in your house, car, clothes and furniture. Cat hair can be a nuisance and even cause medical conditions, like allergies and asthma, to flare. Here are a few suggestions for controlling that endless pet hair.Its lightweight structure makes this vacuum cleaner mobile, so you can easily take it in every single corner of every single room – and corners tend to store a lot of cat hair!Why is Fuller’s brush ideal for cleaning cat hair? The electrostatic finish of this particular product is made specifically for hair. It will collect all of that fur and you can even combine it with a microfiber cloth for better coverage.Whenever you wash your clothes or blankets, put them in the dryer if the care instructions permit it. Wet hair tends to clump up and stick to things, but the hot, dry air flowing through the dryer will remove it, especially if you throw in a fabric softener sheet to break the static cling bond that could otherwise keep the hair stuck to the fabric. Whenever I wash my blankets or bedsheets, I remove an almost embarrassing amount of cat hair from the dryer’s lint filter, and all of that would be on my supposedly clean bedding every week if I were to hang it up to dry instead.