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From the world’s smallest real-time GPS Personal Tracking Device (Lola) with voice communication; to the security of a GPS Personal Tracking Bracelet, Safety Track offers you the ability to track and locate loved ones. Elderly parents, autistic children or employees who work alone, (real estate agents, social service workers) now can feel safe, knowing that they are online all the time.
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Anyone that has children may find the Link Child Locator bracelets by Continuum Studio interesting. Both the parent and child wear one of the bracelets, and the parent bracelet lets you know the direction and distance to the child location. An alarm can be set to alert you if the bracelets separate too far, and the units have a 100' range. The tracking bracelet for kids Kid so Safe alarms you whenever your child wanders too far away from you. Your child wears the wristband for kids, you take care of the child locator. This tracking device for kids is easy to use and perfect for tracking small children. Kids love to wear this tracking watch . With this tracking device for kids your small child does not get lost in the shopping mall or theme park, at the beach or in any crowded area. With the . The Kid So Safe tracking bracelet for kids is an inexpensive and easy to use kid tracking device to keep kids safe. When the alarm of the tracking watch for kids sounds off, it means your child is getting too far away and you better take a look.There are other locator units on the market, but these are perhaps the most stylish versions I have seen. In the design, the LCD display is integrated into the body of the watch, and the information is presented in a precise, informational way that can be easily read in moments of panic. The bracelets are sure to help give a parent a better peace of mind, and child safety cannot be stressed enough.The . However, if you want more functions, other tracking devices for kids may be a better choice. For example, the Kid So Safe tracking bracelet for kids doesn’t have an button which your child can press when in need, unlike the . Also, with the Kid So Safe kid tracking device you can’t locate your child when it is further than 30 feet (10 meter) away from you because it has no GPS. This is okay for tracking small children, but for children above age 6, you may consider the wearable or that have a wider range. For kids from age 10, you my be better off with a such as the or the .A GPS watch for kids – also called a gps tracking bracelet for kids – is your best choice if you always want to know where your child or early teenager is. Children love the idea that they can always reach you when needed by pressing the SOS button of the gps tracking bracelet . The main feature of a kid gps watch is that you can locate your kid on a map thanks to the gps in the watch. . This type of GPS child locator is perfect for children from age 7 and up. Gps tracking bracelets for kids are popular with kids since they look cool. Moreover this type of child tracker provides your child early on with a degree of responsibility and independence.With the you can track up to four children. Put the ladybug id tracker bracelets on your child or put different on several children and keep the receiver locator with you. Set one of three possible distances and get alarmed by your child locator when your kid wanders too far away. The ladybug design makes these id bracelets very attractive for small children and toddlers. See that you buy the right child locator package for the number of kids you want to track (containing 1, 2, 3 or 4 tags). Discover .