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For Cat Owners: Chic, Geometric Wooden 'Cat Tree' Perfect For Modern Homes.
Of course, we all know that a spoiled cat is usually a fickle feline. When your cat tires of her chic cat tree, she may want to recline in a realistic looking cat tree house. If that’s the case, you’ll want to get her a Pet Tree House. It’s handcrafted in the USA to mimic the look of a real tree with multiple branches and silk leaves. Because the cat trees are custom made, they’re quite a bargain for only $1,299.
Chic Flower-Shaped Cat Tree
Cat tree built straight onto the wall. This site has chic ways to integrate kitty entertainment into your home without neon colors and ugly scratching posts. The Contoure Cat Tree – Retro chic meets cat tree.The coated base provides a sturdy foundation for this chic cat treePottery Barn Faux Potted Fiddle Leaf Tree - Copy Cat Chic
If your cat loves to climb and perch, this rustic-chic tree makes a perfect project for your indoor kitty. The queen of all things awesomely DIY, , shares her secrets to creating this cat climbing haven.