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N-Bone Cat Chew Treats are an all-natural, edible and digestible chew treat for cats of all ages. No Preservatives. No artificial colors. Great taste! Great for teeth & gums!
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N-Bone Cat Chew Treats are an all-natural, edible and digestible chew treat for cats of all ages. Formulated to be long lasting, these cat chew treats effectively aid in removing tartar and keeping the teeth and gums healthy. Pet 'n Shape | Natural Treats and Chews for Dogs & CatsN-Bone Cat Chew Treats are an all-natural, edible and digestible chew treat for cats of all agesto include a wide variety of chew treat and bone offerings for dogs, cats, and ferrets of all ages
Bad breath is most commonly a sign that your cat's teeth need cleaning. Give your cat a treat that contains chlorophyll, like . Giving these dental chews for cats between cleanings will help freshen your cat's breath. If your cat has strong or chronic bad breath, it could be a sign of a gastrointestinal problem. If left untreated, this bacteria can enter the bloodstream and lead to heart disease. If chronic bad breath continues, please consult your veterinarian.The chew treats may have different flavors such as liver, fish or meat, which will make them appealing for the cat. Opt for treats that appeal to your cat. Some cats may not like the taste of peppermint.Cat chew treats are recommended for an optimal feline oral hygiene. These treats have many benefits, such as preventing gum disease, and cats like these treats. There are several types of dental chews available.Chew treats for cats are recommended, especially if they have a wet diet. Dry food is beneficial for teeth cleaning and prevents the buildup of plaque, as it is abrasive and cleans the teeth.Administered on a regular basis, the chew treats will give your pet a fresh breath. The cat treats for bad breath will also prevent the formation of tartar, which is a major problem in cats and is the starting point of more severe dental problems. The fibers in the treats can calm down an upset stomach.First, Greenies do not, cannot clean teeth. Most cats swallow this kind of treat whole; in the same way that they eat dry food for cats. If cats do chew them; the mush that is made from chewing these treats sticks to their teeth and does the opposite of "maintain good dental care" which is the exact wording of the ad. And worst still it also says: "Our #1 vet-recommended feline dental treat* is the only V.O.H.C.-accepted feline treat for tartar reduction."I have seen some jerky treats that are labeled for cats so it's not entirely out of the question I suppose. Just make sure it's not sourced in China, lots of recalls with dog jerky seems like. I don't know what kind of toy. It seems odd that there is not a cat chew toy, although I guess it's not really a typical behavior and thus doesn't really have a market.Chew toys for cats are similar to dental treats in that they are abrasive and can help scrub off plaque and massage gums as your cat chews them. Most are filled with catnip to encourage your cat to nibble on them; however, you can also sprinkle some store-bought catnip if your cat does not show an interest in the toy.