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though it’s not the cheapest place to buy our bird food (or the cat food, when our cat was still alive), we patronize a locally owned feed-store chain (only 3 stores) that carries stuff for pets as well as farm animals. We like supporting our local folks, the service is excellent (small-town service!), and we figure we’re doing our part for the hyperlocal economy, though we’ve been known to hit the PetsMart when the local store is closed on Sundays.
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Discuss What is the cheapest , but best cat food i can buy in bulk.? on the - 'Cat Health & Nutrition' forum of I-Love-Cats. We are the place for all talk about 'What is the cheapest , but best cat food i can buy in bulk.?'. I live in N.S.W Australia , so if you know any shops that have good bargins plese let me know. I also need to buy in bulk. ... Mar 28, 2011 - Cheapest place to buy pet food offers tips on saving money every day.When buying supplies for your pets, there are many places to go and the most ..and pick up your prescriptions, many drugs stores also sell dog and cat food, toys, ..
I had no idea that 75% of people own dogs and 50% own cats, which makes an April 2011 issue of magazine on the cheapest place to buy pet food super relevant. The mag’s secret shoppers compared prices of 23 items and found:We have two cats, one can eat 3 or 4 cans a day if I let him, hence his name is Mr Fat Cat. I only give him 2 and the other cat gets one. They will only eat the dry if they’re desperate. Today Mr. Fat Cat gave me a nasty look when all I gave him was the dry. LOL. Any way, I was wondering if there is a wet canned cat food that’s larger and cheaper per ounce than the small cans. Also is there anyway to make home made cat food. We’re spending $50 or more a month on cat food even buying it at Walmart. Maybe there’s a place to buy by the case cheaper? Any help would be appreciated.Oh, and Simone is spot on about some mom & pop places being cheaper than Petco or Petsmart for the more expensive brands. In Los Angeles we have a store called Red Barn Feed that has a few locations throughout LA. Their prices are already a few dollars cheaper than the corporate stores, plus you can print a coupon off their website for $5 off a $40 purchase. Stacking this with the coupon I get in my monthly subscription to Wellness brand’s newsletter enables me to save $10 or more on a 26 lb. bag of dog food every time I buy one.