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Nov 7, 2012 - Reviews and analysis of the best cheap cat food of both dry and canned varieties.
Cats, cats, and more cats. The reports that one-third of American households own at least one furry feline and more than half of these cat masters care for two. That's a lot of food over kitty's lifetime -- up to 17 years and counting for some indoor cats. And while pampering your pet may provide great pleasure, there's no need to serve up high-priced delicacies. The best cheap cat food, whether wet or dry, is both healthy and satisfying.
Cheapest 'decent' canned cat food
I think pet food is like a lot of things such as a mattress or even people food, you don't want to get the cheapest but you don't need the best either.

When I first got my cats, I spent a lot of time reading every nutritional label in the pet store. I knew I didn't want by products and I wanted a protein listed as the first item, but I also wanted to be frugal and the most expensive food is not necessarily the best. I ended up going with Nutro. I can see the difference in both their coats and in their poo. While I do feed both wet and dry, a money issue change that. Temporary Cheap Cat Food Options? | The Cat SiteCheap yet quality grain-free canned cat food? | The Cat SiteBest Cheap Wet Cat Food? - Chronicle Forums
This food can be found cheaper than Fancy Feast at some places (Walmart) and it apparently tastes just as good! I try to limit my one cat’s intake of corn and try to avoid it all together with my other. Sheba doesn’t use corn or grains and the first ingredient is always REAL meat, fish, or poultry. No, this is not the best of the best, but in comparison to other cheaper brands it is the best option. They also offer portion controlled feeding to leave out the guess-work. The flavors I have seen myself include beef, tuna, turkey, salmon, and chicken but that is for bulk boxes. There are tons of other flavors you can find when you buy single cans. They also offer a rabbit recipe which is not easily found in other brands. The wet vs. dry debate turns on several factors, not the least of which are the preferences of notoriously picky kitties. The ideal cat food mimics what a cat would eat in the wild, with high levels of animal protein, few carbohydrates, and plenty of moisture. Commercially available wet cat food comes closest, with less filler and more protein (pound for dry pound) than dry cat food and also more water. All cats should have access to fresh water, but consumers who serve dry cat food must take extra care to provide their pets enough water to prevent health problems such as urinary tract infections and kidney disease. On the other hand, dry food is generally cheaper, less messy and odorous, and can sit in a dish all day without spoiling. Much like Sheba, the first ingredient in Goodlife is always real meat. They also do not use corn, soy, or wheat. Most health issues that come from feeding a cat the wrong brand is the grains. That is most important when looking at any brand of food. Grains, corn and soy cause obesity in cats, dogs, and even humans. As for the price, you can get a 7 pound bag for around $12 which again is cheaper than Fancy Feast which is around $15 for a 7 pound bag. They offer an indoor recipe, salmon recipe, and chicken recipe. I made the change from Fancy Feast dry with no complaints from either cat. I give your info to all my adopters, and it's part of our agreement that they feed exclusively raw organic food...keep up the great work. It is certainly cheaper than having a sick cat...even if you didn't care about the cat...I give info on the one-stop jerky shop Tasin 108 too!
I was not aware of the fact that making cat food at home is cheaper than buying. I am sure that with this information, many cat owners will be certainly benefited from it. Thanks for sharing this informative information with us and it is extremely helpful for me. I was not aware of the fact that making cat food at home is cheaper than buying. I am sure that with this information, many cat owners will be certainly benefited from it.