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Zoo plus do a load of great foods at cheap prices. I order my cat food from there in bulk. Grain free wet and dry. You can look at the ingredients and decide which you like the look of.
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Cats are notoriously independent and what they don't like, they cannot be persuaded to eat. Most cat owners find that trial and error is the only way to discover which cheap cat food will keep their finicky customer well fed. The informal poll we conducted revealed that many cat owners would prefer to feed their cats what one person terms "holistic" food but are dismayed that the cat has other ideas. Regardless what you and the cat agree on as the food of choice, always make sure the animal has plenty of fresh water. Experts recommend at least a cup a day for each 10 pounds of weight if the diet consists entirely of kibble and about half that if wet food is the norm. Need the best cheap wet cat food for a kitty with a picky tummy : catsBest CHEAP wet food?? - Cat Forum : Cat Discussion ForumsCheap Wet Cat Food At PetSmart! - Mojo Savings
The wet vs. dry debate turns on several factors, not the least of which are the preferences of notoriously picky kitties. The ideal cat food mimics what a cat would eat in the wild, with high levels of animal protein, few carbohydrates, and plenty of moisture. Commercially available wet cat food comes closest, with less filler and more protein (pound for dry pound) than dry cat food and also more water. All cats should have access to fresh water, but consumers who serve dry cat food must take extra care to provide their pets enough water to prevent health problems such as urinary tract infections and kidney disease. On the other hand, dry food is generally cheaper, less messy and odorous, and can sit in a dish all day without spoiling. I do feel that any wet is better than dry since cats are reluctant to drink enough- they drink and can even seem to drink a lot when they are on a diet of dry- but it is still not comparable to the moisture they get in their natural diet but honestly with two cats out of three having bowel and tummy issues I'd have to go with a quality dry over cheap junk wet food because they just wouldn't be able to tolerate the junky foods with all the additives. My third cat would probably be OK with junk wet though but he is the prince of the household and so he enjoys his fancy schmancy foods.I do think some cheap wet is absolute junk. When I brought in my stray I mentioned his chronic diarrhea to the vet and without hesitation he asked if I was feeding friskies or 9Lives (he wasn't he had been on weruva and wild calling for months as an outdoor stray). That right there convinced me to avoid those junky foods whenever possible. Unfortunately I am currently feeding friskies along with fancy feast to the current ferals as the catword has spread about the free lunches at my place has increased and I can't afford to feed the nicer foods in the quantity I'm putting out.While dry cat food is cheaper and more convenient (can be stored easily and makes litter boxes easier to clean), wet (canned) food is generally believed to better meet the nutritional needs of a because it is closer to raw food and provides better hydration. The smell of canned cat food can be quite off-putting; however, it is better for the cat's health. While some experts recommend eliminating dry food from a cat's diet, it is often more practical for pet owners to maintain a balance of both dry and wet food in their cat's diet.According to my vet, cheap dry food (supermarket own, go-cat, whiskas etc) is far far worse than cheap wet food. I feed mine any wet food (they love Aldi pouches which are only around £2:38 and a good quality dry food (either Purina ProPlan Complete, HillsNatures Best orJames Wellbeloved) but but apparently Pets at Home Adult Complete Cat Food is very good nutritionally too. Don't forget, if you get a kitten(under 6 months), start on the kitten versions.One Walmart line of canned cat food, Special Kitty Premium, is the cheapest wet-food product we researched. And it's cheap enough that one of our poll respondents (a dog owner, himself) fed it to posse of feral cats that were hanging around his office. His review of Special Kitty Premium cat food indicates that the animals lapped it up in no time but he concedes that this wasn't really a good test because the cats were probably hungry enough to eat anything. That dig aside, Special Kitty Premium cat food reviews at give the pate version of this brand high marks for likeability (i.e., cat appeal) and affordability (i.e., human appeal); one commenter says his picky cats prefer it to a major supermarket brand.