Is There Such Thing As a Healthy, Cheap Canned Cat Food

Generally, if a cat food is healthy, it is not going to be super-cheap
Homemade cat food is not a way to save money on the cost of your pet, however. Keeping cats is a very expensive hobby, no matter how you slice it. The exception would be barn cats employed as rodent control. Their existence is largely uninfluenced by their human hosts, and they face illness and death alone. Most of us, however, are considerably emotionally invested in the relationship with the cats we have welcomed as companions into our lives. We wish them to be as happy, healthy, and long-lives as possible. Therefore, we must accept that keeping cats is expensive. This is due largely, because the meat-based diet they must eat as true carnivores is expensive. To avoid this cost, considering a herbivore as pet might be valid. Alternatively, ways exist to prepare homemade cat food for less money, but they demand a greater investment of time (This is where your cats might be the key to unlocking doors in your life you had never imagined even existed). Everything has its price. If you choose to stick with cheap mainstream commercial cat food, the price will have to get paid eventually, because there is a reason why these products are cheap and convenient.
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Grains are not a natural part of the feline evolutionary diet. Historically, cats were used to guard grainaries because they would catch mice and not eat the grain. Only in the last 50 years, with the development of the commercial pet food industry, have grains been added to cat and dog foods. Many of these grains used are waste products from large agricultural production facilities.

Many cats are allergic to the grains in their commercial cat food. These allergies can often manifest as skin and digestive disorders. Grains are also a source of carbohydrates, which cats require very little of. The optimal feline diet is one that provides high protein and low carbohydrates. Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, designed felines to use protein as their main energy source, rather than carbohydrates. Unfortunately, foods on the market that say they provide 'high energy', typically do so by using a grain source. Carbohydrates are a quick source of energy and are burned away very quickly. They are also the cheap and unhealthy solution to providing a dietary energy source. In fact, one of our own cats was highly allergic to grains, and that was what led us to start this company.

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Protein, from a meat source, provides sustained energy and is burned completely and efficiently. Yes, foods containing mostly meat are more expensive, but the longer life expectancy, health benefits and lower vet bills outweigh those costs. High carbohydrates in feline (and canine) diets are also major contributors to obesity in pets. Cats on high protein, low carbohydrate diets tend to lose excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight, with increased energy and vitality. Starches in high carbohydrate diets tend to bond to teeth, creating tartar build-up, which leads to gum disease, bad breath, and other health problems that are associated with chronic gingivitis. Cat's dietary needs are very different from humans and from dogs, who are omnivores. Cat's digestive systems are very short and they need to eat foods that are easily digestible. Raw diets are the most digestible for cats due to the high enzyme content naturally present in raw meat. Cheap Cat Food that's Healthy | Cheap But Healthy Cat FoodCheap Cat Food that's Healthy, Cheap But Healthy Cat Food are available for online purchase on Pawsome online shopping portal.Best Cheap Cat Food Buying Guide | Cheapism
Much like Sheba, the first ingredient in Goodlife is always real meat. They also do not use corn, soy, or wheat. Most health issues that come from feeding a cat the wrong brand is the grains. That is most important when looking at any brand of food. Grains, corn and soy cause obesity in cats, dogs, and even humans. As for the price, you can get a 7 pound bag for around $12 which again is cheaper than Fancy Feast which is around $15 for a 7 pound bag. They offer an indoor recipe, salmon recipe, and chicken recipe. I made the change from Fancy Feast dry with no complaints from either cat.Hello everyone. I have a cat for several years now. I love her and I know everything about cat care . I like to be informed especially when it comes to illnesses and health problems, because if something ever occurs with her, I want to be ready to help her. I always prepare homemade food for her. She loves it. But unfortunately I won’t be able to do that anymore. For the next month or two, I am going to be very busy. So I wanted to ask you can you suggest some healthy, high protein cheap canned food for her?Proper cat nutrition is key to increasing not only health and well-being in cats, but also extending their lifespan. Sadly, not every pet owner can afford the top rated best cat foods with expensive price tags. So we’ve scoured the pet food market and found best cheap cat food brands that are of good quality, considered good by vets and have positive reviews from pet owners. #best #cheap #cat #food #cats #save #money #budget #petsHey. Maybe you can try young again zero carb. This is food that has 55% of protein, it can be from chicken or pork, and it has no carbs. As far as I know, this is the highest protein content for your cat, but it is not so cheap. It is a little bit expensive than other cheap foods that you can find on the market. To be honest, I don’t know that much about canned food, because I really do prefer raw food, because I think that this is healthier than all those products that you can find on the market.