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I purchased 2 pairs of Caterpillar boots at Sears because they appeared to be well-made and felt comfortable. The first pair, the right foot had the sole separating and leaks badly. I started using the second pair and the left foot is leaking and water enters the boot. I am extremely disappointed at the quality of the boots in terms of service life. I feel that this is no better than some cheap import found at flea markets. I don't see the need for Sears and Caterpillar to sell such low quality goods. It certainly doesn't promote repeat business. I will be looking elsewhere and another brand for my future purchase. I have found that Chinese shoes are not long lasting and very poorly made. The payment for both pairs were made in cash. They were purchase at the Sears in located at 37th Avenue and Coral way in Coral Gables Florida.
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Caterpillar safety boot / EN ISO 20345: 2011/ STOCK NO: PWC94141- EGO. I bought this pair of safety boots and put them on the 1st time today 17-03-2015. I had to wear them for 12 hours and honestly, I feel it was a waste of money. My company doesn't provide us with expensive safety boots so I had to buy these out of my own pocket R1400. As the cheap safety boots hurt my feet, I have some bruises at the back of both my legs. I'm upset as they are advertised and well known for their comfort which made me not hesitate to buy a pair as my feet needs the best for me to give my best. They only start from size 6 UK, I am normally a UK 5 but I buy my safety shoes one size bigger. They felt a bit heavier than all the other safety boots but I still gave it the benefit of the doubt, keeping in mind that I am 1,4 m tall and my weight is only 48 kg. My foot is shaped like most females’ feet which is kind of embarrassing but I still decided to take this boot and honestly I am not satisfied at all. I cannot return them as I wore them. Hard earn money wasted. Buy cheap Online - puma ferrari cat shoes,Fine - Shoes ..puma cat shoes, Puma Online Store | Cheap Puma Running ShoesAre you looking for cat shoes winter cheap casual style online