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DIY Mess Free Cat Litter Box - Simple (anyone can do it), really cheap, and best of all IT WORKS!
You’ll probably have to figure out which type of siding your cat prefers by trial and error. Fortunately, the open-top box is one of the cheapest litter boxes on the market.
Ikea Cat Litter Box Hack - turn a cheap chest into custom cat box furniture in under an hour. Cool!
We have two cats. One bold and pushy, the other our scaredy cat, quite timid. We use a covered box with clumping litter. I keep the scoop at the box and scoop daily into a cheap ziplock and then the garbage. Our box lasts quite a while, when the litter gets low I simply empty, clean and refill. We love our data and the box is no problem at all !!
Thank you for sharing…. Ikea Cat Litter Box Hack - turn a cheap chest into custom cat box furniture in under an hour. Cool!Ikea Cat Litter Box Hack - turn a cheap chest into custom cat box furniture in under an hour. Cool!DIY Mess Free Cat Litter Box - Simple (anyone can do it), really cheap, and best of all IT WORKS!
Do It Yourself Cheap Mess-Free Cat Litter Box. I saw a manufactured version of this price at around $35 at Off the Leash and thought -Thanks for the idea! Bought a 10 gallon for around $5 at Walmart and added a cat litter mat to the top to catch any litter that might end up coming up on the kitty feet. I'm going to spray paint it with a more friendly matching color.DIY Cat litter box easily made cheap$ from a Tote storage container

I used a "Homz DuraBILT" Latching 117L Tote from Walmart, it measures
about 30 x 19 x 17.2" and can easily have an opening cut to turn it into
an inexpensive cat litter box.

Works great contains the mess and no smells. Also easy access and cleanup
from top opening lid.

*Bigger totes is perfect solution for bigger cats or multiple cat use.

All photo's and video within this video were created by me My DIY Labs I own all the rights.The plastics used in constructing most cheap cat litter boxes are relatively flexible - they can be easily bent. When you pick yours up to clean it, you'll find it bending as you carry it out the door. It's composed of a flexible plastic.Tired of battling a stinky litter box and paying big bucks for so-called deodorizing kitty litter? There are two cheap solutions that you can use. After all, there is no sense in wasting money on your cat's waste!I currently use a litter box very much like the middle picture. But, as you might notice, this box has NO ventilation! It is critical for the box to vent out the odors for the cat to have a reasonable time in there; if the box is overwhelmed with odor you will likely end up with litter box avoidance problems. So I use one like the middle design and cut a big hole in the top of the cover. Heh. They're cheap and this works for me. I have two of them and rotate them out so I can give them a thorough cleaning in between. And since they're cheap it doesn't feel too bad to replace them periodically (every year or two) because they do kind of wear out so to speak.The thing with litter is, there are so many different kinds of kitty litter and they all come with their own host of warnings, costs and environmental issues. So after months of contemplation, we decided to give some other litter types a whirl. We purchased a small package of (compressed pine pellets) and (wheat litter). The Feline Pine is neat; it’s like little compressed pine pellets and actually has a very pleasant smell (forest-y!) I actually like the smell of the litter and the cats didn’t seem to mind it. It’s also priced a little cheaper than Swheat Scoop. The pellets are similar in size to that of compressed newspaper and have an interesting reaction. The pellets break down as they urine and it turns into sawdust. Feces sort of sit on top of the litter or catch a few pellets in it while the cats are cleaning up. I found that it got quite dusty with the urine breaking down the pellets, but if you keep the amount of litter to a couple of inches it is manageable. You also have to be more precise when scooping (same thing with the newspaper pellets), because you can’t exactly sift out larger, clean pellets through your shovel and end up scooping clean litter away as well. However, if you were ever a kid that played in a sandbox, this shouldn’t be an issue for you. It also holds odours in pretty well – I have to say, I did not noticed a wretched smell coming from the box after we switched to that brand.