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Whether you have a dog or a cat, or both, if you live in an area where your pet either has a fenced in yard to play in or a safe yard it’s likely that you’ve considered installing a doggy door or pet door so they can let themselves in and out. When it comes to doggy doors you don’t want to shop for the cheapest option. For one thing, there are energy considerations. Some cheap doors will let your heat (or air conditioning) out, costing you money. For another, some of the innovations of the pricier units can prevent wild or otherwise unwanted animals from entering your home unannounced. There are plenty of cheap ones available, but you’re better off paying some extra money to get something high quality. Your pet deserves the best, right?
The idea is similar to the cat doors you can install in a sliding glass door, but this method won't obstruct your back door and its much cheaper
That's exactly what I did as well (although not in the bedroom, the last thing I need is 4AM-cat-prowling knocking things over in my junk piles). In my case it's slightly backwards, in that I installed cheap doors to the basement and laundry room during the remodel and cut cat flaps in them; they're neat plastic ones that are hinged on top, but have a magnet on the bottom to prevent excessive swinging and flapping from air pressure changes. I've got some slightly nicer unframed doors sitting somewhere that are the exact size. When it's time to sell, I just pull the cheap doors off, trace the hinges onto the new ones, apply router and screwdriver. Great but Cheap Electronic Cat Doors, Cheap Security & Protection,Sensor & Detector, as well as Cheap and moreWe carry cat doors - pet doors for any application at the lowest prices available. Find it somewhere else cheaper let us know and we will meet or beat that price.Product - Lockable Medium Pet Cat Dog Doors with 4-way Locking Petsafe Dog Cat ..