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I know what you mean. I have to use a heavy duty resin carrier for my big old man cats. At his heaviest the one was 27 lbs and it was more awkward than heavy. He has since lost weight (5) but the two are still over 20lbs each. I have to watch for construction quality on carriers just for the weight and to keep them inside it. The smaller one (22lbs) actually tore the door off one of those cheap plastic carriers as the door tabs were just plastic and not metal. He wasn't even freaking out at all. He just wanted out when I went to the other room for 2 seconds. I hear a snap and rattle and there he is....sitting in the middle of the room looking proud of himself. LOL I am glad that happened in my apt rather than at the vets etc. So...make sure what you find is sturdy for your big guy.
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Having been a cat owner and an avid traveler for over 20 years, I’ve tried just about every type of cat carrier there is. I traveled with my cat to Europe using a many years ago and to this day it remains one of the best choices for cats on long trips. Cheap soft-sided bags can be flimsy and if your cats are anything like my cats, they will be attempting to destroy that bag from the inside as if their little lives depended on it. The is pretty indestructible. I’ve had some wild cats and if mine couldn’t bust out of them, I’m sure yours won’t be able to! 139 items - Find cheap cat carrier shoulder bag for free shipping, worldwide delivery.595 items - Find cheap pet dog cat carrier for free shipping, worldwide delivery.Feb 7, 2007 - As sicycat said - you can get cardboard cat carriers from Petco for very cheap