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I got my first fountain several years ago when Sierra got sick with a urinary tract infection. I started with a plastic one, but they were very hard to clean, the stains & mineral deposits wouldn’t come off, So I started using ceramic type of fountains, they are much easier to clean, I have three of them around the house so my cats can easily get a drink, they all love them, I did have to place mats under them since Lone Wolf likes to dip his paws in the water. but they are a huge success.
Gorgeous mahogany upscale 7 cup ceramic foodsafe copper cat drinking fountain
Cat Water Fountain Do your cats always seem to be your sink? That might be because they love water or maybe they need a good drink of it. Cats dehydrate very quickly, don't let that happen to your sweethearts. Get them one of the highest quality handmade ceramic fountains from Wet Whiskers Fountains. They will love you for it and you will enjoy having your sink to yourself again! Cat Fountains, Cat water Fountain, Ceramic Fountain by WetWhiskersFountains on…Cat Fountain Ceramic Cat Fountain Pet by WetWhiskersFountainsdiy water fountain for cats | New Cat Tap Ceramic Fountain from Keith Davitt ENTER TO WIN!
still not sure why cat need to water fountain to drink water from but if they have to have one then they can have this one: Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain for CatsThe Pioneer 6022 at about $50 is one of the few commercial ceramic cat fountains. It produces a slide of water that fills the bowl. It is among the more attractive of commercial cat water fountains. The only possible negative is that being made in China there is no way to know if lead was used in the glaze. Lead is a flux, meaning it greatly reduces the necessary firing temperature, thus saving considerably on firing costs, and it gives bright, clear colors. The chances of this being a problem are probably small but should be noted. Average review 4 stars. Should last years. Available from many sources. Made in Chinawhich come up in a Google search for cat fountains and ceramic cat fountains. Keep in mind that the initial cost does not necessarily reflect the real cost as some fountains will last a life-time while others will definitely not. (You can read reviews of these fountains on .) A cat fountain should be an investment in your cats’ health, not simply a purchase.The cat water fountain shown is one of many thirstycatfountain designs. (Thirstycats is the host of this post). These fountains are 100% ceramic and Thirstycatfountains make all their own glazes following strict guidelines for which colorants and minerals and how much of them to use to maintain an absolute food safeness. Each is handmade on the wheel and each comes with a prefilter that lasts at least 2 years. Carbon filters are available which last about one year. Prices range from under $100 to around $200. Thirstycatfountains has a 5 star rating from over 2000 at the time of this writing, many of which speak of the . (Takes about 4 minutes once a week.) Should last a lifetime. Available at Made in the USAThe Glacier Point Pet Fountain comes in several styles, some with built-in refrigeration. (It is debated whether pets want refrigerated water). They are ceramic, mold-made and have glass jars which refill the fountain by gravity feed. They are a little complicated so not the easiest to clean because of all the parts that need to be removed to get to everywhere. Longevity not known but should last. The model shown sells for about $170. Made in the USA Here’s a great looking cat fountain available in Europe. It’s the , an all ceramic fountain with three different drinking zones. Kitty can drink from the bubbler at the top, from the rippled surface where the water cascades down, or from the water basin at the bottom.