The power of cedar and renewable hardwoods meets cat litter

Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Clumping, Pure Nature, Cedar, Pine & Corn, 12-Pound Bag, Pack of 1
In the 1990’s we continued to grow in response to customer need, by creating Cedarific, a cat litter. In the last couple of years we have also created the clumping version of Cedarific, Easy Earth. Go check out our new website to learn more about our cat litter products.
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The cedar litter does NOTHING for odor elimination if your cat's poo smells like anything less than a bouquet of roses. You either have to just deal with the stink or scoop it daily, if not more. The original clumping cat litter! Now made with 100% Natural Wyoming Bentonite for even stronger clumps. Better Way Cedar Scent inUnlike other types of cat litter, the cedar chip/hardwood mix can be thrown into your compost bin -- minus the cat feces.Better Way Cedar Cat Litter
Recycled waste products from the lumber industry are used to make alternative cat litter. A blend of cedar chips and hardwood, for example, is lighter than clay-based litters, and its cedar scent absorbs litter box odors. Another type is made from the waste products of aspen lumber. In this manufacturing process, the sawdust and bark are finely ground, then heated to 1200°F (649°C) in a kiln-type vat. This causes the resin or tree sap to bind the wood together as the material is extruded through a screen to form quarter-inch pellets. The pellets are then passed through a cooling tank on a covered conveyor before they are packaged. Products containing cedar shavings are touted as "natural" cat litter. Are these products, or cedar chips, safe and effective for Kitty? The answer is, "perhaps."Cedar sawdust natural cat litter, another choice, has the same consistency and properties as pine cat litter. Both types can be flushed, in small amounts, and both can be used as mulch in the garden after feces have been removed. FreshStep Cedar Chips and FreshAire Cedar Litter are two brand names. The global ecological crisis affects all areas of our lives and some cat-and-dog-owners try to do their part by raising greener pets. Composting your cat’s litter won’t turn him olive-drab, don’t worry. Instead, it will help you decrease your cat’s ecological paw-print (the animal equivalent of the human ecological footprint). You can also help your pet’s green score with DIY cedar cat litter.But clumping or scoopable litter, containing silica, may cause respiratory issues in certain cats. New, environmentally friendly litters came onto the market, some of them containing mixed with hardwoods. The cedar chips make the litter smell better, while also absorbing liquids.Clay-based litter is not compatible with composting, since it can cause toxic leaks in your garden. The best options for compostable cat litters are made from natural, earth-friendly sources. We recommend plain sawdust or commercially produced litter made from cedar or pine. These tend to have natural scents and are significantly more absorbent than plain sawdust.