Curious Cats Window Perch by jenngv on Etsy

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Our popular cat window perches allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors by having a front row seat to the action. You will be amazed at the enjoyment that your cat will get from sitting in the window in a cat window seat, window cat bed, or cat window shelf, being able to watch birds and other outdoor activity. These cat window perches provide a comfortable lounge and vantage point for your cats. They attach easily and securely to most windows.
Curious Cats Window Perch in Different Light Color Patterns on Etsy, $39.95
This is a space saving cat window perchs that it will let your pet snooze all day and night. Its fabric is breathable and it will ensure that your cat’s body temperature will not overheat. Your pet will jump in and out with ease because this thing is great for exercising and it will keep your pet healthy. It is the best cozy cat bed for your loved pet. Deluxe Window Seat Cats Window Sill Cat Perch Pet Store Cushioned 23”LIdeal Cat Window Perch! Even in purple:( #cats #CatPerchAdding a large window perch provides plenty of room for cats to enjoy the view.
The Cat Window Perch is an ideal resting area for cats because it offers the outdoor view from almost any window surface. It is also beneficial for senior and arthritic cats due to the orthopedic foam, which helps with joint inflammation and stiffness.Stewart Justice from K&H is here at Jeffers sharing new and exciting pet products. One product that stood out the most to me was the . Now that I have accepted the fact that my cat-loving children will always have cats in the home, I am gradually becoming more of a cat person. I will always be a dog person, but our cats have really grown on me. A common challenge with cats is finding sturdy window perches. One of our cats is a little “fluffy,” not fat, but fluffy.Imagine your cat snuggled up on his new window perch, purring in the warm sunlight, when suddenly SLAM, the perch collapses and your cat hits the floor (on all fours of course). You watch on, startled and afraid that your cat will never trust the perch again. If only there was a perch designed specifically to take on heavier cats. You wonder to yourself “How do I find the best cat window perch for fat cats?” The answer to your question just walked in our door at Jeffers. 🙂cat window perch, love the fact it looks like there is a heating/cooling vent right underneath, but, I have three big cats all part Maine Coon, that would really have to be secured to hold two of them. Love it.The Heated Cat Window Perch is designed to remain 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature and warms to your cat's normal body temperature when in use. It is ideal during the winter for senior and arthritic cats because the warm surface helps to relax muscles and reduce joint inflammation and stiffness. Please note the Heated Cat Window Perch does not get hot.Your windowsill needs to be at least 3″ deep for the perch to fit properly. I haven’t tested the perch myself, but a friend has one and she reports that it is really easy to install and quite sturdy and that her cats love it. Visit for more info.My cats live indoors, but they love to watch the world (birdies, squirrels, critters); so I made a window perch to satisfy their unending curiosity! Itfinally! a good window perch for kitties! those rubbish plastic ones at the pet store are awful, and are no match for heavy cats like my big fella. thank you for the find!