Nov 10, 2015 - Do cats have a preference for water bowl type

A nice large-sized water bowl to prevent cats getting their whiskers wet!
Selecting the best bowl for your cat's water is equally important. Ceramic or stainless steel bowls have surfaces that inhibit bacterial growth and tend to keep your kitty’s water nice and cool. Some cats love to play with their water, and might knock over the bowl in the process. If Sofia constantly leaves a puddle around her bowl, replace her flimsy plastic dish with a heavy ceramic bowl or a stainless steel bowl with a wide base. She won’t be able to dump her water.
Dr. Ernie Ward talks about the best water bowls, as well as why many cats prefer running water.
Believe it or not, many cats are picky about the kind of water bowl they drink from. Some prefer plastic, others prefer stainless steel, still others prefer ceramic. Cat water fountains have bowls made out of all three of these materials, so take this into consideration when you're shopping. There's no sense in buying one if your cat won't drink out of it, after all. Cats like wide bowls, they don't like having their sensitive whiskers touching the sides. Some cats avoid the water bowl like the plague. Are they crazy, or they trying to tell us something?The cats have water in a large bowl in the kitchen and in a small glass upstairs in the bedroom, and they drink from both.This is a water bowl for dogs or cats. It is super EASY! In a few simple steps you could have a water bowl that you only have ...
, didn't take up a lot of space and the cats reacted well with it. They drank more water which was the reason for the item, but it would last 3-6 months and I'd be back at the store exchanging it for another one (it had a 1 year warranty). After three exchanges I had the store allow me to simply trade up to the Drinkwell 360 (seen below) after looking at numerous other cat water bowls.
Provide a water source away from the food bowl. Cats seem to enjoy drinking water more when it is away from their food dish. This also encourages natural hunting/foraging behaviors to place water in more than one area.Some cats will drink more if a drop or two of tuna juice (from canned tuna in water) is added to the bowl, or ice cubes made from flavored broth mixed with water. If you try this, make sure to still provide a separate bowl of fresh water.
Cats who splish their water before drinking may, in fact, be attempting to achieve a similar effect. If you cat engages in this oddly cute behavior, consider getting her one of those now commercially available for cats. At the very least, you should change the water in her bowl twice a day.One old Himalayan cat and a Persian kitten test water bowls. The Nature Spa AVP with UV Sterilization, Whisker city foutain, Protocol bowl, Petmate Fresh Flow and a ordinary Fish Bowl. The cats will choose which one they like. We are hoping to get Purrcy the Shaded Persian to drink out of a bowl instead of the sink or shower, It is funny to watch him but we need a better bowl design. After this video he took his choice bowl the Nature Spa and pushed it across the floor. I wish companies would put rubber bottems on bowls so the can not be pushed by the cat or kittens. We like the Wisker City design because it gets the cats attention with the flowing water but when they drink the water it can hit the side of their face and pour all over the floor. So we have been using this large mouth fishbowl for our Persian cats and they seem to like it, it has a lot of room to put their flat faces in and it does not make noise or require a plug. We got the idea of the fish bowl for a water dish when they cats kept drinking the water from the Beta bowl.Location, location, location—it really matters! You’d be amazed to learn how sensitive most cats are to the positioning of a water bowl. Even a little unexpected foot-traffic can be enough to keep your cat from having that next drink. Keep fresh water bowls in multiple spots to maximize your feline’s comfort.