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Major Garforth (Director, CPL HQ) argued that the Chelmsford 'Branch' had been disbanded and re-established in Battlesbridge but that HQ would respect Mr Kirby's wishes and use the money for the benefit of cats in the Chelmsford area, but he could not say how much of the money would go to the Chelmsford 'Group' at Willow Grove. Several local newspapers reported the committee split between 'Catkins' and which was dismissed as "When you get a lot of women together you always get some argy-bargy"! Chelmsford CPL had repeatedly argued that despite the committee having been disbanded in 1975, work had continued without a break and that the Branch itself had not been disbanded, but had merely suffered a change in status; furthermore, 'Catkins' was run entirely by Headquarters and not by the Chelmsford Group/Branch and that the wording of the bequest had specifically mentioned 'Chelmsford Cats Protection League'. After much debate and even a mention in the Daily Mail, it was agreed that the money should go to the Chelmsford 'Group' operating from Willow Grove.
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I work for Cats Protection so have a COI, hence the request rather than adding this myself. There are a few out-of-date bits and missing areas of CP's work so I'd like to suggest some edits. There are quite a few - I hope it's OK to suggest this many! Don't forget to subscribe to the Cats Protection YouTube Channel for more great cat videos:Cats Protection Cartoon Cats Bag for LifeCats Protection Cartoon Cats Bag for Life
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our supporters! We hope you enjoy our cute festive animation. Love, Cats Protection (and the cats!) x

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Don't forget to subscribe to the Cats Protection YouTube Channel for more great cat videos: Erbyn , roedd 29 lloches a 260 o ganghenni gwirfoddol wedi eu lleoli ogwmpas . Ar y cyd â ail-gartrefu cathod mae'r elusen yn rhedeg cynllun dirywio ar gyfer perchnogion ar gyllid cyfyng, a llinell ffôn argyfwng cenedlaethol. Mae'n hefyd yn bwydo a cadw golwg ar trefedigaethau cathod hanner gwyllt yn ogystal a dal, dirywio ac ail-ryddhau cathod hanner-gwyllt pan yn bosib. Mae sawl cyn-weithiwr wedi ennill achos llys yn erbyn Cats Protection oherwydd ymddiswyddo anheg. ydy Cats Protection (Gwarchod Cathod), The Cats Protection League (Cynghrair Gwarchod Cathod) oedd ei henw gynt, sy'n ymroddedig at achub ac ail-gartrefu cathod di-gartref a chathod nad yw eu perchnogion eu eisiau. Sefydlwyd ar mewn cyfarfod yn Neuadd Caxton yn . Byrhawyd yr enw yn .Mr. Ward, addressing the Bench, said Buchanan had been plagued with rooks. He had read in a farming journal that stuffed cats were excellent scare-crows. He did not want to shoot his own cats, and so he tethered them there with excellent results. He was not the only one who did it. Defendant had done it for a considerable time in full view of the public, and no one had complained except a lady from London and Mr. Ryan. There was no more cruelty tying up a cat than a dog. Farmers had had a bad time, and if they could find something that protected them from pests they should not be stopped from using it as long as it was done in a proper way. Defendant said had tried every method of scaring rooks, but found it unavailing except for a few hours. The cats were tied with silk stocking. The box was removed from the cats each morning and replaced at night. He did not think he was doing anything cruel. When Mr. Ryan called witness thought he had come for a subscription.Cat Guardians is the free service from Cats Protection that provides peace of mind to cat owners concerned about what would happen if their cat was to outlive them.

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Through our Cat Guardians service, individuals can plan for their cats’ future so that in the event of their death we are able to swiftly arrange for their cats to come in to one of our adoption centres or branches. Once there, our volunteers and staff will look after the cats for as long as it takes to find them a new forever home. Cats Protection promises to never put a healthy cat to sleep so you can feel assured that we will care for your cats no matter how long they are with us.

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Don't forget to subscribe to the Cats Protection YouTube Channel for more great cat videos: ...When I worked as a volunteer, I found that visitors to Chelmsford Cats Protection's rescue shelter and fundraising events often asked how the Chelmsford and District Group of the Cats Protection League came into existence. The story of the Group had been told in snatches in old newsletters and regular reports in the CPL Headquarters publication THE CAT, but until this 1993 "history" there had been no definitive history of the Group. This history was originally produced (as an official history) in 1993 to celebrate the 30th birthday of Chelmsford Cats Protection (formerly Chelmsford Cats Protection League) and was also provided to Cats Protection HQ for the files. In 2000, a few updates were made to this introduction and to the last part of the history covering the period after 1993, but otherwise this article remains unchanged.