So, that's it! Your cats can have peanut butter alright.

There have been claims that peanut butter can have some positive effects on the health of cats.
If you have to feed your cats peanut butter, it would be better if you can provide them sodium-free or little sugar content products. It will work effectively and less risky for their sugar-free and meat-prefer assimilation.
Others say that peanut butter can make a cat’s fur thicker and shinier.
Though this combo seems to be beneficial for humans, cat’s digestive system is not built to metabolize such high quantities of fat and protein. Above all, they are carnivores. So they don’t need something like peanut butter to be included onto their diet, unless you want to introduce them intentionally. Moreover, cats are very picky eaters. They don’t won’t expect wide variety of foods to make an interesting diet as we require. Its Peanut Butter, Jelly Time!!! (Cats)Please leave comments and ideas for me to do for videos.Cats and spiders, rocks and motorcycle, peanut butter and gumball pizza, all good combos.Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter? =  | via
We know how much you love your cats and we understand that you will do everything to make them happy and keep them healthy all the time. Most cat owners buy treats for their feline friends. Some of them come in different flavors that they surely adore. There are several types of pet treats out there that consists of peanut butter imitation and this is the main reason why some cat owners preferably purchase peanut butter if they ran out of treats. Most kittens love it but do cats like peanut butter?In some cases, peanut butter can also cause some allergic reaction to humans as well as for cats. These symptoms may include swelling, itching, diarrhea and vomiting.If you are going to check the label of peanut butter, you may be able to see that it consists of fats. The fats that are present in the peanut butter can stay in your cat’s body for a long period of time that results to possible heart attack, diabetes and severe inflammation. Most pet owners are aware that diabetes in cats is deadly. In this way, you don’t want to take risk of giving your friend too much peanut butter. Moreover, treating a diabetic condition in felines can be hard and expensive. It can be prevented by not giving this kind of food as a part of his diet.Cats as Animals
Part of domesticating a cat is that it becomes more and more like a human. But the fact is that they are still an animal, no matter how cute they are, or how much personality they show. When a cat is really smart, or funny, you tend to think of them more like they’re a person, and they might need things like peanut butter or other treats to make them happy.There’s nothing in peanuts or peanut butter that cats need, so there’s is absolutely no reason to give it to them. Some cats have been known to get an upset stomach from peanut butter, and other cats are fine. But why risk it? Since there is nothing in it that is missing from your cat’s normal diet, there’s no reason to supplement their cat food with filler.Another thing is that this food has added additives that can cause stomach irritation. For this reason, select only the kind of peanut butter that has no sodium and sugar in it. Less sugar peanut butter is available in the market and pet owners can consider this than a having high sugar content. To be able to ensure your cat’s safety while still considering giving this as a treat, select those peanut butter that can be purchased from the pet stores. They are safe and created only for them without any possible reaction that may arise.