Cats Confused by Waterbeds Compilation 2016 [NEW HD]

Cats are confused by waterbeds in this cute compilation of video clips.
Many cat owners swear by microwaveable heating pads, or plastic hot water bottles. Always make sure that the stopper is secure, and that the water bottle or pad is covered by a thick cover, such as a towel or blanket, or your cat won’t be able to sit on it. Lots of pet owners swear by hot water bottles, and suspect that their cats secretly enjoy the wobby waterbed sensation they produce! Pop these into your cat’s bed, and watch them snooze all night.
Cats Confused by Waterbeds. Lots of jiggling ! CLICK to watch
Sweet holy baby jeebus on a cracker that is some fucked up logic and utterly awesome at the same time. Though I’m not quite sure marketing at Ziploc is advanced enough to develop waterbeds for cats, it’s nice to know they are batshit crazy enough to see you as a real consumer. I’d be cool to know what new products they want to market. Maybe leak proof bags?
also, why did your friends comic but condom booties on the cat’s feet? Cats Who Are Very Confused by Waterbeds!Cats Confused by Waterbeds. Lots of jiggling ! CLICK to watchYou come up #1 on Goggle for ‘waterbeds for cats’ Clearly you’re a genius!!
But I can easily imagine how confusing they must be for cats, all that jiggling and bouncing! Have a look at this great compilation of cats being annoyed and confused by the sorcery of waterbeds and you’ll see what I mean!When it comes to being confused by everyday objects, cats often create the funniest moments in our lives. This group of cats once again make us laugh by showcasing how confused they get when a waterbed is involved with their lives.Cats love sleeping on beds, but what happens when a cat meets the strange object called a waterbed? They get really really confused and it’s just great to watch!Waterbeds were very popular in the 70’s and 80’s but popularity waned around the 90’s and these cats are probably glad they’re not as popular as they once were. While there are still waterbed owners, their cats sure seem to find waterbeds fascinating.If you think one cat on a waterbed is hilarious, just wait until you see what happens when several cats are left to explore the bedroom furniture.Are waterbeds replacing laser pointers for getting a cat’s attention? Please share this sweet video of cats getting confused by waterbeds with your family and friends.This compilation shows cats having a blast by enjoying water and not having to get wet. Most cats still don’t like water but they don’t seem to mind a waterbed!Public Service Announcement: Cats are very, very cute and funny when they confront waterbeds (and decide to start stalking them, because duh). While waterbeds may be out of fashion, clearly some still exist, and their very essence is quite perplexing to cats (and maybe to me, to be honest).