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Clip your cat’s nails regularly. To learn how, please see the
Soft Paws will not interfere with the normal extension and retraction of your cats nails. Your cat can still scratch with Soft Paws® allowing normal stretching and scratching behavior to continue -- just no damage will occur.
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Eventually, you cat will give up trying to scratch your furniture completely and you can stop covering it. You can also clip your cat’s nails, which keeps them dull enough that won’t damage your furniture but doesn’t get in the way of anything else your cat wants to do with them, like stretch and leave weird cat scents around the house. Most cat hate when it’s time to clip the nails, but its very important to keep your cats nails in purrfect condition, happy and healthy!How to clip your cat’s nailsCats & dogs on nails | See more about Nail art, Manicures and Kitty cats.
People are obsessed with anything and everything cat. While some cat ladies/gents take their cat fanaticism a little too far (for example, by purchasing these cat butt coasters from etsy), there are some more subtle ways to express your love for your fabulous, fluffy, feline friend – like by decking your nails out with insanely cute nail art. It’s the perfect way to pair your love for pretty nails and your love (admit it, it’s more of an obsession) for cats!And other people say cat claw caps do none of those things! And that they’re great and they protect furniture and still allow the cats to do everything normally! Plus, it’s cute, look at their pink little nails! "The frequency of nail trims depends on the cat. Check nails every couple of weeks to see if it’s needed. Cats that are outdoors more or may need less frequent trims. Another consideration is the furniture in the home. If you have delicate furniture that is easily scratched when the cat walks over it, you may need to trim more often.”A cat biting his nails may not be causefor alarm. Cats are normally fastidious in their grooming habits and this includes their nails. However, continual nail biting can be an indication of anxiety, injury, infection or of old nail sheaths remaining longer than they should.You will LOVE our latest nail tutorial here:
Nail Art for Halloween! Hey guys, today's nail art design features black cats that are a little spooky, but mostly cute! This nail art design is easy and works on both short and long nails. If you decide to recreate this nail art design for Halloween, then please show me using the hashtag !

Nail polishes used:
Zoya Anchor Basecoat
OPI Bubble Bath
Formula X Incandescent
ORLY Liquid Vinyl
Black & White Stripers from Shany

Good luck! I hope you enjoyed this nail art design for Halloween! Let me know if you have any other requests x

Sandi AKA cutepolish :)Cats groom their fur regularly. They also have to "groom" their nails. Usually this is done using scratch posts or unfortunately, furniture. This scratching strips the old nail sheaths off of the nails for the new ones to take over. Sometimes the nail sheaths refuse to comeoff, which causes irritation and then the nail biting. The cat biting his nails is an attempt to strip the old nail sheaths off. Sometimes this works, and sometimes not. Be sure there is a scratch post availableso that the nail sheaths can be stripped away naturally.The more your cat scratches, the sharper his claws will become. As a result, you may need to periodically trim your cat’s toenails. How often depends to a great extent on your cat. If they are getting stuck on carpeting or are ripping through fabric (or your skin), your cat’s nails likely are too long and need to be trimmed.For cats that are fearful of nail trimming, approach the routine slowly and give them time to adjust. Start by gently holding your cat’s foot, without attempting to trim the nails or otherwise manipulate the foot. Once your cat will allow you to handle her foot without fear, move on to handling the individual toes.