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Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist and star of Animal Planet’s , has been reading about, writing about and working hands-on with cats for 15 years. For more information, please visit . Jackson’s first book, , is available for pre-order. For every copy of Cat Daddy pre-ordered before May 10, 2012, Tarcher-Penguin will donate $1.00 to help homeless cats cared for by , and . To make your pre-order count, simply e-mail your receipt (or a photo/scan of your receipt) to .
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Help! My cat won't let me sleep! Are you falling asleep at work because your cat keeps you up all night, every night? Cat behaviourist Jackson Galaxy shares his tips on how to reset your cat’s body clock so you can finally get some undisturbed Zzzs.For me, talking to Jackson Galaxy was like talking to a rock star. It helps that he kind of looks like one—Galaxy is the tattooed, bearded and totally punk cat behaviorist from Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell,” a reality show where he goes into people’s homes and counsels them on their particularly terrible cats. The title of the show, and a lot of its promotion, emphasizes the horror, and indeed, the stories are kind of terrifying. Cats can be clawed, fanged, vicious little buggers, and the show finds some of the most dysfunctional ones.Jackson Galaxy, born Richard Kirschner in the of Manhattan, legally changed his name when he was in his twenties. He has a in acting. Galaxy learned cat behavior through his work with rescue cats, originally with the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Boulder, Colorado.One night the shelter cats where Jackson Galaxy worked gave him the gift that dubbed him the "cat listener." While working late during a violent storm, he heard all of the cats in the stray cat impound area screaming. He had heard somewhere that a "slow blink" means "I love you" in feline; a slow blink exchanged by cat and human establishes a link between the two. He went to the impound area to try it, and if nothing else, perhaps it would quiet down or reassure a few of the cats.But Galaxy makes the show into a kind of home-based traveling family therapy, as he comes into each home, meets the cat, and within a few hours or days, finds what is freaking the cat out and shows the parents how to work with it. It looks like magic, but Galaxy resists that characterization—because his mission is to get humans to connect with and understand cats just as much as he does. It’s not just a bias toward cats—Galaxy has both cats and dogs. But cats, he told me, are far more vulnerable to euthanasia in animal shelters, as frustrated adopters surrender troublesome felines and irresponsible parents don’t spay and neuter their kitties. This month the Jackson Galaxy Foundation is partnering with Wellness Natural Pet Foods to send meals to needy pets in shelters—. I talked to the Cat Daddy about his foundation, his mission and his own cats—five domestic, five feral, oh, and two dogs, too.On last night's LATE SHOW, 'My Cat From Hell' host Jackson Galaxy shared his belief that cats are in tune with unseen spirits. It's just too bad they weren't in tune with Stephen!