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Cats got fleas on their vet visit, how can I get rid of the fleas?
I lost one of my sweet boys on June 26, I no2016. He was 10 years old and always very robust and healthy. When he was younger he loved the outdoors and would come and go as he pleased. We moved to an apt for the last 6 years and I kept him indoors. Last summer we had a problem but I was able to control it. We moved to a house in March and he was so happy being in the backyard. It rained here for a month and it seems like after that the fleas got vicious. We have 4 cats and they all got sick around the same time. I thought they had gotten into something in the garage. My Romeo would always come in to my room to wake me up for breakfast for everyone and that day he didn't come in. He was so lethargic but I thought if we could just get those fleas off he would feel better. I took him to the vet since he was the sickest and had to leave him overnight because they had almost sucked him dry. The next morning he was doing better and but then he started going downhill and died that night at the pet hospital. The vet said he had bone marrow cancer and that the fleas took advantage of his situation. I was devastated. He never acted sick and he was always taking care of the other cats and me. I still think the fleas killed him but since he did have the cancer at least he didn't suffer long. I have been washing and spraying everything I can get my hands on and I refuse to lose to these bloodsuckers. we are still having issues but the other cats are feeling better. It just takes that much more time to do chores each day to fight them. This has been such a horrible experience but I will not let them win and lose another baby. I will also never let them outside again. I think that may have been why they were so bad and I am still trying to figure out what works best. I'm ready to start the homemade remedies because all the expensive stuff kills some but has not been fully successful.
My 3 indoor cats got fleas at their vet visit 3 weeks ago
My cat did the same darn thing about three months ago. She got hit by fleas really hard (we blame the dog next door) and started treating the floor like lava. She'd clean herself obsessively, and starting frantically cleaning herself even more if we touched her. She clearly blamed us for the mess and we felt pretty guilty. You might try Advantage (another flea product) or talk to your vet about flea treatments, as prevention is easier than dealing with a full blown invasion. It sounds like you're convinced you have the problem under control. You just have to convince the cats that you have the problem under control. Oct 5, 2014 - This happened to my parents when their 3 cats got fleasWell, my cats got fleas from the first and second stories of our househad been living in TO, one of the cats got fleas and the owner refused to take it to the vet.
There is an opinion that a cat that lives indoors can never catch fleas or have symptoms of fleas on cats. If it somehow happens, the owners are very surprised. They ask: “Has my cat got fleas? How could that happen?”As anyone else who has had fleas can attest, it got bad really fast. The cats lost chunks of hair from scratching, and the female scratched her chin so much she has little scabs there. The male cat grooms himself almost constantly, to the point where every time you touch him he is slimy and gross feeling. I tried to give him extra baths but that didn’t seem to help (thought this cat LOVES the water oddly enough).In ten years, we have never had fleas before this year. The cats are both indoor cats, and it was just never a problem. This spring we got hit really, really hard with fleas. I think it’s the dog that lives in the suite upstairs, but I don’t know.Me: I understand how it can be hard to grasp. But even indoor cats can get fleas. You can bring them home on your clothing after you've pet another animal, or they can be in your apartment building's hallway. See, he's got black debris here...this is flea dirt.My cat, Ginger, got out of the house. When she came back, she has fleas. I bought Hartz flea drops for cats. Didn't effect the fleas at all. My daughter bought a Hartz Ultra Guard Plus for fleas on cats. Nothing. Fleas thrived. I bought another flea collar thinking maybe the first was old. My cat still has fleas. I complained to Hartz and was told about the flea cycle. Bah! I told them and I tell anyone thinking about buying Hartz, DON'T. Complete waste of money. Bath your cat with Dawn. Much better treatment.I know there are very mixed reviews on products to keep fleas away. But it seems to me that those big Name products that you get from the vet and apply to the back of the neck of your cat are a Blessed discovery...and they really work. While in use my cats never got fleas.