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A cat lover since childhood, I was heartbroken at the lack of care given to the barn cats on the farm where I was residing. I coudn't understand the philosophy of many of the farmers - "You don't feed Mousers" How can a cat chase mice if weak and emaciated from lack of proper nutrition or water? A healthy cat chases mice for sport - and will catch more than its unfed counterparts.
We started putting out food and water for the few cats that wandered through and were soon pulled into rescue work as the cats began to colonize and multiply on the property. The first few litters of kittens we cared for ourselves - We were able to tame and adopt out several and family pitched in to help foster the kittens when we couldn't.
As the colony continued to grow, we enlisted the help of PAWS Volunteers to help with the trapping and spaying/neutering of the cats, and several members assisted in fostering and socializing the kittens. Several of our socialized cats and kittens were adopted through a PAWS Petsmart Adoption center, others were incorporated into the Catworks Inc. or adopted out privately by PAWS volunteers. I nicknamed my little family of cats "Kitty Colony" and put together a personal Kodak webpage to share my pictures with friends and to help advertise and adopt the socialized cats and kittens there on the farm and fostered by my family.
When we moved from Lancaster County - I couldn't leave my "Barn Babies" - the cats that had been born, and had grown up in the barn - So I took them with me. These cats are still semi feral, or very feral (wild!) and most of them will probably remain so for the rest of thier lives. In that case, I will care for them and love them as much as they will allow me to - but they are now indoor-only and are living the good life - fat and lazy and happy!
Here in Jenkintown "Kitty Colony" has become a local rescue group complete with our own adoption program and TNR assistance for those who need it.
I also began volunteering and fostering this year for Cats With No Name - a mobile low cost spay/neuter program - and we hope to launch a Cats with No Name adoption program in the near future.
So now along with my "Barn Babies" are now many fosters, orphaned kittens, rescued strays, ferals and adoptables- Living in harmony with each other while waiting for thier forever families to find them.
Adoption and rescue, animal cruelty investigation. Spay/neuter clinic for barn cats and unowned feral cats.
Our friends at the Monster Pets chain have helped hundreds of wonderful kitties find forever families. The in-store adoption centers help our cats reach families in more parts of the region and give you a convenient place to both adopt and stock up on supplies for your new family member. These Cats are available at our Danville, PA shelter at 2801 Bloom Rd, Danville, PA 17821. For more information about adopting visit our  page.P.A.L.S has cats and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Devon, Pennsylvania.Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter, Inc. has cats and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in York County, Pennsylvania.
Our adoption fee is $50 for kittens that you will be getting spayed by your veterinarian. Our adoption fee is $100 for kittens that are already spayed or that we will be getting spayed for you by one of our veterinarians. Our adoption fee is $150 for our cats and kittens that are de-clawed. Once they reach the age of three, any of our cats can be adopted for a fee of just $50. The adoption fee enables the shelter to recoup a portion of the expenses of spay/neutering, Feline Leukemia testing, vaccinations, worming, ear mite treatment, and flea protection. It also reflects our commitment to keep our residents healthy until they are adopted, however long that may take. We are normally caring for approximately 200 cats. In order to maintain the health of our kittens while at the shelter, we vaccinate them on the day that they come to us, and then every two to three weeks thereafter, until they have had three sets of vaccinations. This helps to prevent distemper and upper respiratory infections from infiltrating the shelter. We have reduced the adoption fee to just $50 for any cat that has reached the age of three years. If our older cats have not been seen by a veterinarian recently we will have it checked out at one of the clinics that work with us, before you take it home.Forgotten Cats finds homes for socialized cats through 4 PetSmart Adoption Centers in Pa. And De. We sterilize an average of 350-400 cats and adopt out 70-80 socialized cats each month!Adopting a pet, though, is a big decision. Dogs and cats are living beings who require lots of time, money, and commitment over 15 years' worth in many cases. Pet ownership can be rewarding, but only if you think through your decision before you adopt a companion.Our mission is to focus on having feral (wild) cats spayed and neutered to decrease overpopulation. We are very small and do not have a shelter but our cats and kittens are placed in foster homes. In the process of helping ferals, we come across cats and kittens who are friendly and placeable. These cats and kittens receive medical attention with the help of local veterinarians, and when ready, they are put up for adoption.