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Pictures of Barn Cats a Domestic Shorthair for adoption in Bristol, CT who needs a loving home.
My latest profile piece is a break from my normal interiors and lifestyle focus, but it’s a cause that’s very close to my heart – Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue. This amazing charity, run entirely by volunteers, cares for and rehomes more than 500 abandoned cats and kittens in Bristol and beyond every year. I adopted my very own Kanga (pictured above and below – isn’t he a handsome chap?) from them and for the last year I’ve volunteered as one of their home checkers.
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Bingo's Foundation is a no-kill cat sanctuary, rescue, and adoption organization in Lower Bucks County, PA. Since 2001, we have worked hard to protect and care for the abandoned and homeless cats throughout our region. Our shelter houses around 40 cats, where our dedicated volunteers provide medical care, food, love, and socialization for our feline friends. We also have a network of foster parents, allowing us to care for even more cats in need of homes. Volunteers also provide food and care for local feral colonies through the Emmett Food Fund. We invite you to learn more about our organization and support us through your financial donations or by volunteering your time at our Bristol shelter. ago For Adoption Cats Mixed Breed BristolConsider the Lilies has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Bristol, Tennessee.TCGC Animal League has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Bristol, Tennessee.