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Bowls, feeders, food storage and dining mats made especially for cats.
The pocket-friendly Bergan Easy Diner Pet Feeder allows your cats to eat and drink from the same unit. With a stylish design, the feeder comprises a durable base and two bowls that are very easy to remove. Your house looks elegant when you have your lovely cat eating from this classic feeder.
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Did you know that most cats hate when their whiskers are being pressed closer to their face? Often times, feeding bowls found at pet shops are actually too small for cats. When it comes to the size you have to measure the length of your cat’s whiskers from tip to tip, left to right. The length will vary with age, weight, and breed. Generally, you don’t want to use a bowl that is less than 5 inches wide unless it is very shallow. When a bowl is not big enough, it can actually make your cat uncomfortable while eating and cause them to eat faster. This makes it more likely that they will be leaving you a lovely surprise to step in not too long after they have finished.Small Neater Feeders are the perfect elevated pet feeders for all breeds of small dogs and puppies. Owners of multiple cats also use the small Neater Feeder. Our smallest Neater Feeder is designed for dogs and puppies up to 18 pounds with a shoulder height of up to 9 inches to dine in comfort. The small Neater Feeder Mess Proof Feeder comes with one 1.5 cup standard stainless steel food bowl and one 2.2 cup extra capacity stainless steel water bowl for your convenience. Small pets often have a hard time eating from pet bowls placed on the floor, because the edges are too tall for them. However, using a raised pet dish, such as the Neater Feeder, the dog bowls are raised, but the dog can lean down rather than up to reach the food putting less strain on their neck. By using our elevated Neater Feeder, your pet's dining area will also be kept clean and your pet's food bowl won't be sliding around the floor as he or she tries to eat the last morsels. Make small pets love feeding time even more with the only mess proof dog dish sized for small dogs and puppies, the small Neater Feeder. Neater Feeder is the world's first mess proof pet dish for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens that actually separates and contains spilled food and spilled water! Our patented line of Neater Feeder Pet Dishes will keep your floors and walls protected from spilled water and food. Spilled food is contained in the top level of the Neater Feeder, while spilled water is filtered to the lower level. Mess Proof Neater Feeders offer effective protection from both sloppy pets and human errors such as bumping the pet water bowl or spilling water as you place it on the floor. The Neater Feeder also features a raised design for more comfortable pet feeding. Our Neater Feeder Raised Dog Bowls are available in 3 sizes for puppies and dogs. We also have a Neater Feeder Mess Proof Cat Bowl made especially for cats and kittens!Besides feeding your cat with healthy food, you also need to provide proper feeding equipment. Cat food bowls are essential in ensuring that your pet comfortably eats enough and uncontaminated food. However, not all of the food dishes will go well with your cat. You also don’t want to see food or water spilled on your beautiful floor while the cat has its meals. Do you? Additionally, some cats may dislike certain types of bowls while others may develop health issues as a result of feeding on particular dish brands. Getting an ideal dish for your cat can be quite laborious. However, you can rely on the following list of bowls for the ultimate feeding of your cat: