Ceramic drinking fountain for cats

Gotta love this sculptural drinking fountain just for your cats by Drinkwell® Pagoda Cat Fountain.
A water fountain for you cat can offer you and your cat (or cats) several benefits. Not only will the water have a continuous flow, will be more likely to drink more water since it will be constantly fresh. Yet finding the best water fountains for cats can be a small challenge since there are several designs and brands available.
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This is another 70 oz. water fountain that is suitable for small and medium sized cats. It has multi-height drinking stations thus your cats will have plenty of space for drinking. It has a ramp that is designed to reduce water splashing, which is usually distracting to our feline friends. It's isolated pump system, meanwhile, assures the super quiet operation of the fountain. Hagen Catit Fresh and Clear Drinking Fountain for Cats and DogsCatFountains ceramic drinking fountain with two spouts for two catsKitty drinking fountain... for the cats with high tastes!
We thought about toys, cat trees and scratching posts. As we thought about it we observed the cats drinking from our decorative water fountain again.As a frame of reference, I looked up how much it would cost to purchase a normal drinking fountain. Like, for a human. Under $400 . So why would you spend $1,250 for a custom-made miniature wood drinking fountain for your cat? Uh...because if you're even reading this you're obviously a crazy cat lady? Or the deep-pocketed dude at the beck and call of a ? Or you've got 11 cats and regularly have your sanity called into question, but you also regularly get mistaken for Brooklyn Decker, and therefore somehow escape the "crazy cat" modifiers, and are just a lady in dire need of a drinking fountain for Snuggles and Bubbles and Peaches and Gizmo and....Made almost entirely of wood, this drinking fountain looks like the real thing, expect this one is for cats! It doesn’t require button pushing as the water pump continuously circulates the water from the reservoir to the water fountain nozzle. The whole unit is sealed with food safe epoxy, making every inch of it is waterproof. It is now widely accepted that cats crave moving water and this is why veterinarians recommend a cat fountain. Cats are attracted to the moving water and will definitely, in almost all cases, drink more from one. Very infrequently a customer of ours asks to return their cat fountain because their cat(s) won’t use it. Perfectly fine to do that and we will refund the full fountain price* even after a month or more, but perfectly unnecessary in most cases too. Follow these simple steps:still not sure why cat need to water fountain to drink water from but if they have to have one then they can have this one: Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain for CatsAccording to Dr Jennifer Coates, kidney disease is the number one killer of older cats (). I’m sad to say it’s what killed my first cat. Maybe if we’d got a drinking fountain, she would still be with us. All of our kitties will become older eventually, so this is something that every cat owner need to prepare for.The fountain should not be near the food bowl. In nature cats don’t find their food where they find their water. Bacteria from decaying food could easily contaminate the water source, which could prove fatal and cats are instinctively aware of this. It is also thought the aromas coming from their food can put them off drinking. Ideally the fountain should be in another room, not the kitchen and definitely not near the litter box. Never put your cat’s food or water anywhere near the litter box. It is also best to place the fountain away from high traffic areas, particularly if your cat is the timid type.I’ve explained the basics of how cat drinking fountains help prevent kidney disease and prolong his life, but let’s look at this in a little more detail. Kidney disease is extremely common in domesticated cats but not wild cats (). Dr Karen Becker states that one of the major reasons for this is that wild cats consume a diet naturally high in moisture ().