The cats enjoy the same condo but have worn it out.

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This kitty condo can be used both inside and outside. Sturdy and with a weatherproof finish, your cats can have their own vacation home to “get away from it all.”
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Some cats will ignore their new cat condos for a few months before suddenly taking to the tree, so don’t lose hope. By adding a cat tree to your home, you’ll be providing your , increased activity, and a place where they can feel like the king or queen they are. cat condos for large cats | PetPals 52'' Multi-Level Cat Tree with Condo: Cats :cat condos for large cats | Foot Discount Cat House - Arizona Cat Condoscat condos for large cats | large cat play tree, cat tree, large cat tree, cat furniture
Molly and Friends has been a leading U.S. manufacturer of handmade, premium cat furniture since 1997. Our products promote a level of excellence through the care and quality standards of each individual item. When it comes to the concern of cats and their owners’, we stand behind our product line and know we retain the integrity of building furniture that is durable, safe and fun! Molly and Friends cat furniture is proudly made in the USA. are designed to suit different cat preferences, so don’t just jump online and order the first one you see. Before making your decision, take your cat’s unique personality into consideration and see what sort of elements you think they would enjoy in a condo.I would recommend Molly and Friends over anything sold in the the big chain stores any day. Our cats absolutely love their cat condo. They eat on it, they scratch at it, they play on it, and they sleep in it. Cats love to scratch, hide, perch and observe the world from safe vantage points. Can there be more fun for our beloved furkids than a miniature cat house complete with a number of shelves and scratching posts? Browse my selection of cat condos for large cats and choose something suitable for your fluffy friend. The great thing about this cat condo is that there is no shortage of places for your cat to hide and to lounge. With three platforms at the top, cats in multi-cat households will never have to fight for the top spot again!Cat tree in the shape of sunflower. Construction is made of wood and covered with soft carpet. Suitable for medium and large sized cats. Charming addition to the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.Made to look like an actual tree, this condo is a great option for cats who simply enjoy climbing to inspect their surroundings from new heights.The staircase that runs along the side makes it accessible for cats who may have difficulty scaling traditional cat condos, and the will make even the timidest cat comfortable to explore.