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Vashon Island Pet Protectors, established in 1984, works each day to improve the quality of life for domestic pets on Vashon Island. This year we are celebrating 32 years of service to the community. Affectionately known Island wide as "VIPP,” Vashon Island Pet Protectors is a no-kill and non-profit 501c3 animal rescue organization run by compassionate and dedicated volunteers. Our primary objective is to make sure there are no homeless pets on the Island. We accomplish this by running an efficient lost and found operation and find new homes for relinquished dogs and cats. In an effort to prepare for Island wide emergencies, we have started a new micro-chipping program. All animals that we adopt out are micro-chipped, spayed or neutered, and are current on their vaccinations.

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If you have other cats and cannot take the stray in, find a home for it. It is very inexpensive to put an ad in the paper. The cat came to you for a reason, unknown to you on the physical level, but in the dream state you can see it and the reason for their appearance at that time, if you want to know it. Sometimes there is a karmic debt it must pay back to you. It may have eaten you in another lifetime and must make it up to you by protecting you in this lifetime. So, don't be so quick to shoo them away. They will have to come back one way or another to fulfill this obligation. Protectors of Animals has rescued and found homes for more than 14,000 cats and 7,000 dogsAdoption Policies Cats & Dogs - VIPP :: Vashon Island Pet ProtectorsCATS on MATS with Texas Animal Protectors - Facebook
I believe the cat was protecting the child and kept the child from becoming seriously hurt. We know a little bit about the cat’s history and that she is very attached to the child. My understanding is that the cat followed the family home and adopted them. It was reported that she was very bonded to the little boy, starting when the child was an infant.The era of medieval Europe was a very negative time for cats and cat lovers. Pope Gregory IX actually denounced black cats as being agents of the devil and Satanic in origin. This led to a mass extermination of many cats, some of them even burned alive in search of the devil's spirit within. Subsequently, cats were also associated with witches during this time as they were thought to be gifts from the Devil to help in their witchcraft acting as “familiars” once the witch sealed her (or even his) pact with Satan. In fact, one of the implicating signs of someone who practiced witchcraft during the Middle Ages was a person who talked to and more than casually interacted with a beloved pet cat that one had named. Of course there was a relatively big problem in the killing of cats during this very anti-feline period. Less cats on the streets meant the increased proliferation of rats and thereby the fleas on the rats who were carrying the virus known as the Black Plague. If this era does anything it speaks of the fact that while cats may be linked with ancient pagan ways and early polytheistic religions which Christianity hated and wished to fight against, these animals were still special in their own right and deserved to be treated lovingly and with respect. Some historians still hypothesize that the extent of the Black Plague would have been greatly lessened if the European Christians had simply let the cats continue their role as silent protectors of mankind.One of the most famous cases of cats being seen as extremely special supernatural beings is of course ancient Egypt. While they were not exactly worshiped as is the common misconception, they were still kept in very high esteem as they kept rodents away and were skilled natural hunters. The Egyptian goddess of protection and fertility known as Bastet (or merely Bast) was often seen in the mythology as a cat or enjoyed the ability to take on the form of a cat. This religious link meant that most Egyptians paid great respect to domestic cats in case the feline happened to be the goddess in her primordial form. The tie between Bastet and cats allowed pet cats to enjoy liberties not given to other household pets such as the freedom to come and go as they pleased rather than being caged or leashed. Having a loyal household cat was also thought to be lucky as it would act as a protective spirit over the house and the house's inhabitants with its natural magic and connection to such a powerful goddess in the Egyptian pantheon.Protectors of Animals, Inc. relies solely on adoption donations, membership dues, gifts, memorials, bequests, grants and fund-raising events to fund our entire operation. We are a 501c3 tax exempt, non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Please consider joining us with an annual membership and help us in our efforts to rescue and re-home stray, abandoned, abused and homeless cats and dogs.Protectors of Animals