Cook Your Pet — The History of Dogs and Cats as Food

Please remember that snacks and treats should not be the main source of food in your cat’s diet.
We recommend starting most cats out with an easier food puzzle, so that the experience is rewarding, not frustrating. As cats get better at getting their food out of the puzzle, you can increase the challenge!
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Another important aspect of keeping your cat’s weight down is feeding them healthy food. Many cats gain weight from being overfed, or by eating foods that are high in carbohydrates. Look for high protein foods that are low in carbohydrates and contain natural or organic ingredients. Ideal cat foods are grain-free with no fillers, with no rendered meats, no animal or plant meals, and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Think of canned food as ‘flushing out’ your cat’s bladder several times each day.I receive many emails each week asking for food recommendations for diabetic cats. Answers:[…] Food has a wonderful selection of food for your Cats & Dogs. Pet owners, this is a food you will want to hear about on OMG […]
Some years ago, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation show "Witness" explored the exploitation of animals and the great love of pets, especially in western countries. The show documented the worst and the best that people mete out to animals. Many Canadians and Americans were most horrified at the segments showing how cats and dogs, companion animals in the west, were raised for slaughter and food in certain South East Asian countries.The overall message was clear - killing cats and dogs for food is wrong. Cats and dogs are family members. Cats and dogs are companion animals. South East Asian countries who eat cats and dogs are barbaric, primitive, uncultured etc. In 2001, WSPA's magazine carried and article on the dog-meat trade in China telling readers that those countries must be educated that eating cat and dog is unacceptable and that those animals are companion animals not foodstuffs. While the pictures are distressing to Westerners, the message is skewed. It appears to be an attempt to impose Western cultural values on foreign cultures. What is undoubtedly wrong is the level of cruelty. Instead of re-educating certain countries about what can and cannot form part of their diet, it would be better to make the farming/slaughter process a humane one.Previously a British TV programme had shown the preparation of cat at restaurants in part of China. The diner selected a cat and observed its preparation. The conscious cat was thrown into boiling water then dumped in a pail of cold water. This made skinning easier. Some "boiled" cats were alive and moving feebly when dumped in cold water. Some were still moving during skinning and would ultimately have bled to death, perhaps during evisceration. The Chinese place great emphasis on freshness of food hence the live skinning of food animals. I spoke to a Chinese colleague who said that the word for "animal" in his native tongue translates as "moving thing" - animals are considered no more sentient than vegetables. 1. What's a cat's favorite flavor of ice cream? Mice cream

2. Extra anchovies please!

3. Which flavor of cat-puccino do you like best?

4. Would you like a little Sa-kitty with your mew-nagi?(Art by )

5. This kitty costs extra but is totally worth it

6. Instead of shedding, this kitty just peels

7. The perfect snack to eat while you ride the meowy-go-round at the carnival()

8. Excuse me waiter, I found a cat hair in my food.

9. MMM, kitten noodle soup!

10. For dessert, we'll dip our bis-cat into our kit-teaTake two things that are good, mix them together, get something even better. We've taken our two great loves, food and cats, and found ten amazing illustrations of kitties as junk food, sushi, and more. If you're a feline-loving foodie, we just made your day.Cats were first domesticated around 9,000 years ago in the Near East, when they found that cozying up to human camps meant a delicious bounty of rats. It didn’t take long for humans to welcome cats into our homes and hearts, giving them food and shelter in exchange for their irreplaceable affection. Whether you’re a new kitten owner, or a seasoned cat lady, this guide to cat food will help you choose the best cat food for your feline friend.