Almost all cats seem to love boxes and box-like spaces..

And also discovering who YOU really are. | The Search For Love, As Told By Cats In Boxes
Science has been able to support this theory. Animal behaviorists have studied in newly arrived shelter cats and found that felines with access to boxes had lower stress levels and faster adjustment periods than those without []. Even if they’re not quite as protected as they think they are—you can pretty much do anything to a cat who is in a box as you could a cat who is outside of one—their perception may be that they’re insulating themselves from harm.
In honor of these magical cat traps, here are 23 cats who love boxes and look great in them.
A study was recently done on cats that were entering a Dutch animal shelter. Some of the cats were given cardboard boxes in their cages and some were not. The cats were then evaluated for stress, using the Kessler and Turner Cat Stress Score, a scientific scale for quantifying stress in cats. Stress levels in the cats that were provided with boxes was much lower than in the ones without boxes. "Cats are cute. Cats in boxes are even cuter. They know this and make the most of it." --Anonymous"Cats are cute. Cats in boxes are even cuter. They know this and take advantage of it." --Anonymous"Cats are cute. Cats in boxes are even cuter. They know this and make the most of it." --Anonymous
Things got tense in my kitchen a couple of days ago when a tabby and a Maine Coon realized they had conflicting plans for the same cardboard box. Cats need their boxes. As the from a little while back shows, it’s the same with larger cats. Much larger cats: think lions, tigers, lynxes, bobcats, and leopards.Additionally, cats have survived over the ages by being agile, sneaky and discreet, often hiding in small spaces to avoid threats or get the jump on prey. This innate urge to find small spaces is still present in today’s domestic cats, making boxes an ideal safe space for many meowers.Cats love boxes! Big or small (sometimes even too small), they just can’t seem to help hopping in. But why? Boxes offer security! Secure from the weather, from predators. And, it makes a great place to stalk from!Why do cats love boxes? Almost all cats seem to love boxes and box-like spaces... Have you ever wondered what is behind this feline behavior?


Google+ As The Washington Post points out, a Dutch study tested the effect boxes had on shelter cats by giving some adoptable kitties boxes in their cages and depriving others. Researchers found that the felines with boxes were faster to adjust to their new surroundings than their box-less cohorts. The researchers believe this is because the cats with boxes had a secure place to process the new sensations around them.Outside of stress relief, boxes also provide something every cat needs: extra warmth. Cats prefer to stay between 86 and 97 degrees Fahrenheit, about 20 degrees higher than the average temperature of homes. Since cardboard is such a great insulator, curling up in boxes helps them maintain their comfort temperature. The same goes for cats curling up in a sink, or in a corner of the basement when they are too hot. They don’t do it simply to be cute (probably).It turns out, according to a new study from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, that . Researches took 19 cats that were new to shelters and gave 10 boxes, while the other 9 did not. Over a 14 day period, the felines with boxes showed far less stress on the (CSS), and adjusted to the shelter environment far better than their box-less cohorts.Curious cats climbing into cardboard boxes.


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