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Where can I buy fresh catnip plants? I have never seen it for sale and would like to grow it.
Much like mankind’s favorite plant, not all catnip is the same. There are many different strains that vary greatly in Nepetalactone content, and remember, when it comes to the other guys, organic does not necessarily mean potent. The virtual entirety of what is currently available on the retail catnip market is absolute crap. The depressing reality is that “status quo” catnip suppliers mass produce cheap and therefore weak strains of herb. They use funky pesticides and take whatever means necessary to swell their corporate catnip pockets. Their barely salable product is then factory machine packed into hard crinkly plastic bags and wholesaled to American retailers. That’s not cool! Then sure enough Joe Catnip goes walking into his local pet shop intending to do fluffy a favor, unwittingly buys a bag of bunk and ends up bringing his little buddy a bell ringer. If the average consumer is even lucky enough to find some half decent bud or leaf, it is still coming from midgrade catnip plants at best.
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Some pet supply stores have catnip plants for sale. Places like Petco, Petsmart, Pet Supplies Plus, those kind of places. They cost more than seeds but for those who are green-thumb impaired, it gives you a head start. BUT if you BUY a plant I'd suggest transplanting it into a bigger pot ASAP after bringing it home. Store plants tend to be pot bound when they're put on sale and the roots need more room (and air) to develop. Herb Plants For Sale – tagged Find more Catnip Plants for sale at up to 90% off - Airdrie, ABCatmint Plants For Sale | Nepeta Mussinii | The Growers Exchange
Sean Patrick's is a family business with old fashioned values of quality and service. Our greenhouses are located on a 22 acre farm in the beautiful hills of Ashford, CT. We are a wholesale greenhouse as well as a retail greenhouse encouraging those who love plants to buy directly from where they are grown. Select 1080p for HD Quality. See the dried catnip here: . I purchased three tiny catnip plants at a local nursery for a couple dollars each (or they might of been on sale even cheaper). I planted them in the ground near the house where the plants get full sun year round. Catnip plants are hardy and can survive the winter and will come back every year growing up to three feet tall.
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