Sampson is nicknamed the “Catnip Kitty” for his love of catnip.

WeatherKitty is a great app that incorporates cats into the weather forecast
It’s always nice to bring your hostess a bunch of flowers from your garden, but what about the resident cat? Since kitty usually calls the shots in feline-centric households, it only seems fair. I propose catnip on a string.
I got 14369! Cool – I am a kitty prodigy! And I do like catnip even though I’m still a kitten.
If you do find that your cat reacts positively to Catnip you should be sure to use it sparingly so as not to dull the effect which can be the result of overexposure. A good rule of thumb is to not treat your kitty more than once a week on average to Catnip. Kitty Catnip - Catnip Buds - The Most Flavorful Catnip AroundI might not have a kitty but I am sure i could past this recipe on to few of my cat loving friends.Treat your favorite feline friend to the gift of a Kitty Kicker Catnip Pillow.
Felines who like catnip will generally roll around, rub their faces in it, salivate, jump, run around, and purr for about 10 to 15 minutes. Different cats have different reactions, but these are usually the signs that show your kitty is enjoying the herb.If your adult cat does not respond, you may want to try another toy or source of herb to see how your cat likes it. Also, older leaves or an older toy will not be as potent and may not interest your kitty. If you cannot refill the cat toy with fresh leaves, you can also try rejuvenating the toy with catnip Kitty Kush is new catnip that's bringing fun back to treat time. When you buy natural feline treats, you want only the best for your family's kitty. There are so many varieties of cat treats to choose from these days, but it's high time for an easier, mess-free way to serve up premium catnip. With Kitty Kush, the innovative built-in grinder bottles makes it so you can effortlessly sprinkle a little love on your cat's favourite toy or scratching post. All it takes is a simple twist to relase the high potency essential oils that cats love. The leaves can also be used to introduce your cat to a new cat bed, cat tree or other piece of cat furniture. Sprinkling the leaves or using a spray on cat furniture allows your kitty to associate a good feeling to the furniture. Your cat will also end up marking the furniture with the glands on the sides of his face. This makes your him more likely to use the furniture. Of course, this only works if your cat is one of the many who enjoy a bit of the 'nip.If your kitty hasn't started reacting by the time she is six months old, then she probably will never enjoy it. However, you may want to try a couple different sources or cat toys before you give up.Join the 1000's of that have received and played with our handmade cat toy! Don't settle for imitations, this is the ORIGINAL 15" Kitty Kick Stix™ Cat Toy made in the USA. The Kitty Kick Stix™ is the longest and most popular Cat Nip Toy puurfect for your Cat! Your cat will love the soft cotton fabric, layered with 100% Organic Catnip to give your cat hours of enjoyment to squeeze, roll, and 'bunny-kick'.