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I enjoyed very much reading this detailed review of the Catit Drinking Fountain. Whether our cat would like it is another matter as getting cats out of their comfort zone from what they are used to can be a problem at times. Our cat doesn’t seem to be too fussy though and as long as we have a fresh bowl of water outside as well as inside the house for him each day he doesn’t mind. He even drinks out of our swimming pool!! Anyway we may try him out on one of these as a treat for his next birthday.
Our Review of the CatIt Fresh & Clear Water Fountain is here.
A big plus for the CatIt Flower Fountain is that it holds a (approx 3 liters). And because it is shaped like a bucket it does have a smaller footprint than previous CatIt water fountains. Which for someone with limited space is pretty great. Catit Flower Fountain Review: Should you buy this water fountain?The Catit Flower Fountain is a cute and cool water fountain for your cats. Read our review on this pawsome product and see where to get the best price.Cat Water Fountain Reviews – Our Top Picks. Catit Flower Fountain. Catit Water Fountain. The Catit Flower Fountain is a popular choice with cat owners.
This is my review of the Catit Flower Fountain. so, Is it a good investment for your cat?
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Any cat owner wants to give his cat or kitten the best water drinking solution, and so did we. I went on to check if any of the solutions in the market are any good.
I stumbled upon the Catit flower fountain after trying some other water fountains, and boy, was I surprised...
All I have to say is just check it out for yourself... you'll find that most cats absolutely love it... I know mine did!

- Catit flower fountain unboxing
- What is the Catit flower fountain?
- What is the purpose of the filter?
- Three ways to operate the Catit flower fountain
- Connecting the power adaptor
- My opinion of the Catit flower fountain

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The Catit Water Fountain with Food Bowl is a water dispenser that will give your cat a permanent fresh and clean water to drink from. Its design is made to re-circulate the water and expose it to oxygen. This gives your cat a fresh tasting and cool water that is previously filtered by a charcoal filter especially to keep the water clean.The Catit Flower Fountain is the most favourite and best rated accordingly to customer’s reviews. Not only the nice unique design is outsanding but also other features… Especially its quietness and the big amount of water that is stored in the device.