Catit Senses 2.0 Water Softening Filter, Pack of 2

 Catit Senses 2.0 Water Softening Filter, Pack of 2
Our Catit Sense ball run has been great value for money, which has made the flower fountain a real disappointment.

It's basically an indoor water feature that gives cats the chance to drink running water without having to leave a tap running. A small pump powered by a USB phone charger pushes the water in a moulded plastic bucket over a set of shaped surfaces. The same water re-circulates, and Catit supply a filter to keep it fresh and trap bugs and dirt.

It's not complicated. The 6 moulded plastic parts plus filter and pump aren't exactly highly engineered. It looks cheap, but it isn't, and on our budget, it's not something we can just write off.

There's a design problem. The filter just sits loose under the main central mushroom. When the system is filled to its 3 litre capacity, the filter floats. In fact, it's so bouyant it lifts the mushroom out of place too.

We've contacted Catit customer services, and they've been quite direct. They won't take our word that the filter doesn't fit, or that it pushes the rest of the fountain out of place.

So here it is, on video.
Catit Senses 2.0 Water Softening Filter, Pack of 2
My cat absolutely loves this cool new . Unlike regular water bowls, the CatIt filters, purifies and continuously recirculates fresh, pure water up and over the dome like a waterfall. Cats, puppies, bunnies and other small pets can either drink from the bowl or directly from the water flowing over the dome. Catit Senses 2.0 Water Softening Filter, Pack of 2Vervanging voor het filter van jouw Catit waterbak. Per 3 stuks verpakt.Vervanging voor het filter van jouw Catit waterbak. Per 3 stuks verpakt.
With the dual filter system of Catit Pet Fountain, pets will be continuously provided with cool and aerated water, keeping them away from dehydration. The fountain has a capacity of 64 oz, enough to supply them with water for the next few days. Upon purchase of the unit, it comes with a replaceable filter. If additional filters are needed, then it can be purchased separately.The fountain is operated by a small electric pump that can run continuously for several years if it’s properly maintained. The opaque reservoir is designed to keep water fresh for longer. Unfortunately, it also makes it very difficult to tell how much water is in the fountain. The Catit Flower Fountain has a dual-action water softening filter that will need to be replaced every 3-4 weeks or when you start to see debris building up on the filter. If you rinse the filter every week or two, you should be able to get a few more weeks of life out of it.The main feature of Catit Fresh & Clear is a stainless steel drinking bowl with a base made from BPA-free plastic material. The fountain consists of a dual filter system with carbon filter and foam. Using the re-circulating system, the water flows from the bottom part of the fountain and passes through dual filter. Then it is directed up to the drinking stainless steel bowl and then goes back again to the bottom.The design of the CatIt Fountain makes it suitable for more than one pet to use at a time. It comes with a free detachable food bowl. The replacement filters and a matching place mat have to be purchased separately. The entire unit is made of plastic which is great for preventing cat chin acne.
The power cord is covered by plastic material to prevent contact with water and also prevents your pet from chewing at the cord. This is a nice safety feature which not all pet water fountains have. The bubble design of the unit is attractive and fun and will not look out of place in your home.Finally! There’s a pet fountain that’s easy to clean! The Catit Flower Fountain has very few parts and comes apart quick and easy. As with all electric fountains, the pump will occasionally need to be disassembled and cleaned with a small brush. The filters will need to be replaced at least monthly to ensure your cat has fresh water and the fountain won’t get clogged. The Catit Flower Fountain can be filled by pouring water straight into the top of the fountain – no disassembly required. The compact design of this fountain makes it easy to move around without making a mess.The CatIt Fountain is easy to set up. Simply insert the filter into the base water bowl where the motor is housed and fill the dome with water. Do this by inverting the dome, filling with water and then turning it the right way up and placing it on top of the water bowl. A plug on the underside of the dome contains the water.