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I am in Atlanta Georgia. Please where in Georgia can I get channel catfish fingerlings to buy

Save more by buying more with Arizona Aquatic Gardens. We try to ship these small because they will tear the bags with their sharp dorsal fin when they are shipped as a larger size. Feed 'em, they will grow quickly!

PLEASE NOTE: The Brown Bullhead Catfish is a seasonal species and is only available at select times. We offer a hybrid brown bullhead that will grow out with more colors like yellow tones when common browns are not in season.  Both species growe to about 20" max.  
I am in Atlanta Georgia. Please where in Georgia can I get channel catfish fingerlings to buy?.
The trend in recent years has been for anglers to buy bigger, beefier fishing rods for fishing for trophy class fish. These are rods commonly marketed towards catfish anglers and usually made of e-glass (fiberglass) because of the strength and durability. Homemade catfish bait is a popular option for many anglers but my preference has always been to buy a proven catfish bait recipe.If you are going to spend money on catfish reels do it right the first time and buy good quality fishing reels.You’ll learn what you need to know about catfish rods and everything you need to consider before you buy something.
“You have to show ID if you want to buy catfish here,” co-owner Jim Wholey told the Tribune-Review on Friday. “If you're from Tennessee, we're not selling it to you.” Our catfish are delivered to the Southern California food markets and restaurants by our Each morning at about 5:30 am, they arrive at the Farm and we load their trucks with lively fresh catfish. If you are a fish market, a supermarket, or a restaurant fish buyer and would like to provide your customers with the finest catfish available, our would be happy to deliver our catfish to you. Their contact information is available by clicking. Try a taste test with one of our "Silver Super Cats" next time you purchase catfish and you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Our customers tell us that they never knew catfish tasted so delicious and if given a choice, they will only buy and eat our lighter colored or "silver" catfish in the future.Catfish Buy The Pound is partnering with the ALS Society of Manitoba to raise funds for research and client services. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, is a life limited disease where 90% of people diagnosed will die within three-to-five years, some within a few short months. The ALS Society of Manitoba needs funds for research and to help clients and their families by providing information, education, equipment, support, and hope. If you are a buyer of catfish for recreational fishing lakes and would like a competitive quote for live delivered catfish to your facility please contact us at the numbers below and we will be happy to provide you with the finest catfish available.For most pond owners, channel cats serve a three-fold purpose. Primarily, they’re a food source. Not for other fish but for pond owners on a put-and-take basis. Channel catfish are ideal for this purpose because they are readily available and cheap to buy from fish farms and hatcheries across the country. They also can be quickly grown to eating size with basic management practices.Given the information you now have, you can decide whether keeping the channel catfish in your backyard pond is for you. General pond fish keeping hobbyists will love the channel cat for the many positive aspects they have. Those trying to keep a more controlled koi pond environment may want to think twice before buying these fish for their “housekeeping” reputation. Whichever the case, I am sure that the channel cat will be available to pond and water garden keepers for many years to come.The Ultimate Guide To Catfish Rods covers exactly what you need to know about choosing the right catfish rods. As a I rely on having the right gear to put fish in the boat and do so as efficiently as possible. Rather than wasting money on buying the wrong gear, you can use my experience as a guide.