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When you put a Scat Matt where your pet's feet will be just prior to the bad act, it will send a message to the pet as it is 'considering' performing that bad act. Often pets will associate this zapping with the location. To avoid future zaps from the scat mat they often avoid the general area.
Sep 8, 2006 - Zap cat hat am nap lap can bat nab fat rat mat a cat a fat rat can nap can bat
In this DVD, there are 12 episodes running 86 minutes in total. They are: Alphablocks A-Z letter sounds; On letter sounds; Van; Party; Web; Wig; Rainbow; Zap; Box; Quick; ABC and The Cat Sat On The Mat. Each episode is fairly short, at approximately 4 minutes long. The programme is very engaging and both children enjoyed every minute of it. There is a lot of music, singing and interesting ways of presenting the words. Scat Mat or something like that, but it will forever be the cat zapper to me.cap, map, tap, gap, rap, nap, lap, zap, sap. Sentences: The cat sat on the hat. The rat sat on the mat. The fat cat sat on the mat. Look at the map. The man ran.That said, we put a Scat Mat in the crib for a month or so before the baby was born, and we never had a cat in it after one zap each.
I was also informed that you can purchase zap mats which send a shock to your Bengal Cat but I could not bring myself to incorporate a system that would hurt Lucy and I wanted to exhaust every avenue in an effort to resolve this urination outside the litter box. Also I was told to purchase the chair mats from an office supply store and cut them to size and turn the little nibs upright on the couch. Again I did not apply this method as her feet are very tender and sensitive so I could not institute a mat that may cut her little feet. Further I read a couple of articles which stated the Bengal was at first cautious of the little nibs but eventually used the nibs to scratch their backs and then peed on the office mat. The result was urine on the mat, the couch and rolling down onto the floor.We have to big sofa dogs. They ruined our last sofa because we couldn't keep them off. We got the scat mats and they don't even go near the sofa's now! Try it, we haven't seen the dogs get zapped they seem to sense that they are not friendly for them. However several teenagers have gotten a surprize....So if you are struggling with the purchase of the mat don't think twice about buying the item for your home. At least the Bengal Cat will learn after one jolt on the mat to stay clear of walking on the couch. As mentioned earlier she has tried moving the mat but I heard her in the room and upon investigating she was fine and did not get zapped a second time rather she was trying to figure an angle to rid herself of the mat so she could urinate on the sofa.You could try a penny can-put a few pennies in an open soda can. Throw it in their direction when they aim for the counter, but don't hit them. It makes a big noise, and scares them. Or set it so it will fall if they jump on the counters. You can also try a "scat mat" sold at pet stores. It gives the animal a zap if they jump on it. Good luck!The first night we had the mat I heard a boom at 3 AM. I am guessing that one of our evil kitties was attempting to urinate in the area where we'd placed the scat mat. The boom, I believe, was the cat getting zapped and her startled reaction was to jump into the air and probably bounced against the sliding glass door. If only we'd had a video.Robert Crumb (b. 1943) got his start in the underground comics scene of the late 1960s and early 1970s capturing and developing aspects of the counter culture through the now iconic creations of Fritz the Cat, Zap Comix, Mr Natural, Devil Gril and the Keep on Truckin' Guys. He first sold Zap comics on the streets of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood through his own distribution system, maintaining complete artistic freedom as he chronicled perverse depictions of sex, drugs and fantasy often through a personal lens of his own experiences. R. Crumb's often autobiographical, psychologically revealing renderings have become emblematic of the 1960s and his distinctive pen-and-ink style has proven an enduring influence on graphic art and design ever since.