How to make a cat window seat using an old tray and shelf brackets.

I love these simple cat climbing shelves posted over at Saucy Dwellings. They used Ikea Lack shelves with a custom made shelf that wraps around the corner and leads to a window shelf over the front door. Brilliant! *They don't look like "cat climbing shelves", they just look like a nice shelving display! ; )
This authentic wine barrel shelf-bed. | 18 Clever Products To Make Your Home Stylishly Cat-Friendly
True to their North-African heritage, our cats love warmth and sunshine. Every cat owner is familiar with Kitty’s search for the perfect sun spot on the couch or rug. Why not support their effort and provide them with a wonderful lush and comfortable cat shelf right by your window? Cats love following birds, lizards, and bugs around, but by using the cat shelf, you can ensure your cat does so in the safety of your home.Beds 66762: Cat Window Perch-Bed Kitty Shelves Modern Hammock Cushion Shelf Seat Furniture - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $68.58 on eBay!Beds 66762: Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch Pet Seat Bed Indoor Mount Shelf Bolster Kitten Sleep - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $30.79 on eBay!
Cats become part of a family. Would you like to give your pet cats a comfortable place to live? Cat lovers wish their pets to have the best sleeping bed where they can relax and not be interrupted when taking a nap. A cat window perch or shelf is the perfect spot in a home for a cat to call tier own. Cats love to sit in windows and a shelf build just for them makes the best spot for them to relax. If you watch cats, you will learn that they want to rest in the windows and watch what is going on outside. Cat owner can easily buy their pet a special shelf just for sleeping in and looking out the windows. Some pet owners would rather build a cat window perch themselves from wood covered with carpet but a comfortable window shelf can also be purchased at online shops or local stores which sell pet supplies or additional accessories made for cats. Many have built in covers with soft material and fabric cats love to sit and sleep on. Shelf cover can be removable for an easy clean solution, simply take off and wash in a washing machine. There are also many color options and choices to match any home decorating scheme. A window perch can give an indoor cat a cozy feeling while they are entertained with what is going on outdoors. If your pets are indoor only, it’s a good idea to give them something to do. Most cat window shelf perches come with adjustable features making it simple to fit make into different windows. A pet owner could choose between a wide assortment of cloths, upholstery or fabrics which are used to cover the cat window perch, allowing for a bit of cushion.Pet owners do not have to worry over buying bedding to replace it as many of these shelf covers can be take off the shelves and easily washed. Of course this depends on your preferred fabric. A cat window seat featuring multiple levels is highly recommended to keep the a pet cat interested. Others would advise that multiple levels not essential. For the majority of cat lovers, installing such furniture is extremely important as they feel that it is genuinely vital the comfort of a pet. They can be as well a cherished adoring gift for a animal to give them hours of happiness. They also aid in organizing a home along with minimizes damage to home furniture. If a cat seat is covered in carpet, your pet is likely to scratch on it before they scratch up furniture. For people who live in condos, townhouses or apartments, it is quite likely that a pet cat is indoor only and not allowed outdoors of the apartment. Keeping animals inside is important to keep them safe from harm; although, it is restricting for a pet so you should provide them with a comfortable area to rest. Therefore, a cat window seat perch can be among the best furniture a homeowner can provide to a cat so that they could relax and watch the outdoors.Double Shelf Cat Window Bench Shelf

Carpet covered bed window perch, the perfect spot for an afternoon nap. Attaches to window without screws or nails.
Attach the 8 inch angle brackets to the shelf bottom, level the shelf and shove them right up to the wall. Then figure out the minimum spacer you will need to get around the window sill. Mine was 1 1/4 so I used a cut bit of pvc pipe as a spacer attached to the lower bracket hole with a screw. Then I leveled the shelf and attached the bracket to it with more screws. This should hold up my fat cat.