Hanging Pet Cat Hammock Cushion Bed Window Perch With Suction Cups

A Window Mounted Cat Perch with Industrial Strength Suction Cups.
Disclaimer – We use what we think are absolutely the best USA Made Suction Cups for the Kitty Cots that we sell made by . That said, the nature of suction cups in general is that they occasionally disengage from glass surfaces. The best thing you can do as the owner of your Kitty Cot(s) is to daily check and make sure that the suction cups are well secure on the glass. It is up to you to check the suction cups regularly and replace them if they have extensive wear. We accept no responsibility for injuries or damage to windows, pets, animals, people and things and you agree you are using Kitty Cot(s) at your own risk. If you are concerned about mounting the Kitty Cot(s) on your window(s) for ANY REASON even Window Warranties then buy or use a different Cat Perch that does not mount on windows with suction cups. If you are at all concerned about any of this, we recommend you buy a different product. Thanks and Enjoy!
This cat perch is unlike most Cat Perches and attaches to your windows using PATENTED Giant Suction Cups. Each suction cup is rated to hold 20 pounds.
SUNNY SEAT cat window perch is leading the new style window mounted cat bed storm. It is time to say good bye to traditional cat bed.
It is well known that cats need take sunbath, couple of hours in sunny days. But, the sun keeps moving, cats also have to move. Well, SUNNY SEAT cat hammock is capable of solving this problem. Hanging on the window or other places by four suction cups, your cat can lay on this resting seat and enjoy sunshine, so cozy.
This is a cat window perch and a space saving cat bed. It’s made by PVC pipe, covered by oxford cloth, and supported by four suction cups. Suction cups are distinguishable, it’s allowed to be fixed by any level of window without tool and installed in seconds. But, suction cups’ contact surface must be clean and without any dust, since dust will weaken cat bed’s bearing capacity. If suction cups keep falling, put water on it, suction cups will absorb firmly.
Its cover cloth is machine washable.
Got a safety mounted cat bed at home, your cat is laying on it, this scene exceeds all ornaments at home.
The cord is made of PVC and steel wire, pretty durable, if your cat may bite these cords, it won’t break.
Cats definitely love comfortable cloud outside window and enjoy the view or just sleep under the sun in a quiet afternoon.
Please refer Installation guide manual under product details. Cat Window Perch Suction CupsHanging Pet Cat Hammock Cushion Bed Window Perch With Suction Cups.Unlike most cat perches, the Kitty Cot attaches to the window using giant suction cups
When Stewart brought out the Double Stack EZ Window Mount and easily attached it to the whiteboard behind my desk, we were really impressed, but my first thought was… will it hold up? We have tested many cat window perches that did not stick well, and you hate for your kitty to be lounging in the window, watching birds, relaxing, and the suction cups fall off.Unlike most cat perches, the Kitty Cot attaches to the window using giant suction cups. However, I was still rather sceptical. After all, this hammock was going to hang from my windows by just suction cups and it needed to hold the full weight of a cat.SUNNY SEAT Cat Window Perch Holding 2 cats weighted up to 50lb Upgrading Suction Cups Cat Hammock Window Mounted Space Saving Cat Bed Kitty Resting seat safety mounted Kitty bedThese are blowing my mind! I saw them at SuperZoo and was really excited about them. These beds are made from soft but sturdy molded foam and they attach to any window with giant suction cups. There are so many great things about this design! First, it creates the perfect window perch for cats to watch what’s going on outside, plus they are easy to install and reposition without any hardware. I haven’t tried these myself yet, but I’ve had very good luck with the , the original window-mounted cat bed that attaches with similar suction cups.My kitty, Patch, loved her window bed. It was one of the sturdiest window perches for cats, but it attached with screws. Needless to say, they made ugly holes in the windowsill. My husband wasn’t happy about it, but at the time, I couldn’t find one with suction cups. I don’t even know if they were available. Because of the holes and placement limitations, I would have preferred suction cups over a cat bed that attaches to the windowsill. It served a valuable purpose, but when I found a better option, the damage was done. Worst of all, it was obvious. It was a huge mistake, but it was too late. I filled in the holes, but they were still visible. I can’t recommend that kind in good conscience unless you plan on taking it down.
The Kitty Cot is a great design that's sure to thrill your Kitty Cat. The Kitty Cot is unlike most Cat Perches and attaches to your windows using LARGE Patented Suction Cups, made in the USA. Each suction cup is rated to hold 15 pounds. The Kitty Cot measures 26" long x 14" wide. The frame is made of strong and durable plastic pipe. The hammock is made of tough weather-resistant fabric, an "easy clean" comfy material that your cats will love. Quickly take the Kitty Cot down for easy cleaning. The Kitty Cot will safely hold up to 30 pounds of Cat(s). The Kitty Cot can go anywhere on a window in your house and at any height. We recommend mounting on double pane windows and not single pane windows. The Kitty Cot works indoors and outdoors. Our design is so simple and easy that anyone can put it up and best of all, you need no tools to install it. Lay your cat's favorite blanket to make it even more bedlike and comfortable. Install next to an outside bird feeder or other action locations and your cat will be entertained for hours laying in a sunny place in our cat seat. The mental stimulation of your cat will keep he/she young and active for years. Great for older cats! Kittens are a hoot! They will dream of capturing the world!