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Phantom Screens offers retractable screens for both windows and doors. The entire screen rolls back into a tubular casing at one side of the door when not in use. When open, the screen is held in place by magnetic catches. Six colors are available. Including installation, prices run from $285 for a single door to $595 for double doors (windows are custom priced). Several types of mesh are available, from insect to solar-blocking.
Pink Paw Travel Bag Carrier Mesh Window For Pet Dog Cat - One Size
In addition to the anti-cat screen, we also manufacture anti-dust screen and anti-pollen screen, fiberglass screen with PVC coated, and metal screen. All insect screen limits a variety of insects into our house. However every screen has specific function. For example, pet screens protect pets from falling out of the window, anti-pollen screen protects the house from pollen, anti-dust screen protects the house from dust. Fiberglass screen is a standard framework screen mesh. It keeps insects, feathers, leaves and other debris away your house. Pink Paw Travel Bag Carrier Mesh Window For Pet Dog Cat - One SizePet Dog Cat Soft-Sided Carrier Bag Backpack Washable Rear Breathe Mesh Windows in Pet Supplies,Dog Supplies,Transport & Travel | eBayPet Screen Mesh on Door/Window Against Dog and Cat
No cat does not tear. Are you suffocating in a stuffy room and afraid to open the windows so as not to lose your loved pets - cat or dog? Because the standard window screen does not give any guarantees - they quickly fell into disrepair from the cat's head. Don't worry any more, our pet screen mesh will help you.With the special durable fiberglass fabric material, even the big cats can not break it by claws or bite through the thick fibers. Instead, they can easily climb up on the screen (another entertainment) without damaging it and without risk to drop out of the window. pet screen has high density and strength. Claws pets do not spoil it, in contrast to the standard screen mesh, which can be an ordinary cat tore just a few days .Pet protection screen is a stronger version of fiberglass wire or nylon wire impregnated with PVC in 0.18 - 0.40 mm thickness, which is 2-3 times thicker than the standard window or door screen fabric. Its mesh size is 16 × 16,18 × 18, in black or grey color and guaranteed life 10 years. It can confidently confront cats and dogs claws and beak of a parrot - the claws and teeth of animals can not damage it. Pet mesh screen with reinforced aluminum frame protects the animals from falling out of the window.Kitty Peeper window patio for cats. Mesh allows fresh air and sounds. Fits up and down closing windows. Fits like an air conditioner but has sliding left and right panels yo fit your window.Using this type screen mesh, cat owners can safely throw open the windows and enjoy with the whole family with fresh summer air - this screen will protect and prevent your pets loss through the open window.Since it's coming into hotter weather, i'm considering getting some mesh screen things for the windows around my house so that I can open the windows and let air circulate without my two kitty cats escaping through them (both indoor cats) Does anyone know of any fairly cheap ones that are also of decent quality? (or am I dreaming that fairly cheap and decent quality go together? )